Donald Trump and the Fringe Element (Screed #39)

April 28, 2011…

You would think that President Obama releasing the long-form version of his birth certificate yesterday would finally shut up imbeciles like media whore Donald Trump, conspiracy nut Orly Taitz and their wacko fringe element and clearly racist Tea Party “birther” followers but of course it hasn’t.  

Trump, who may or may not run for President in 2012 (God help us if he does) and Taitz, who, herself, was not even born in America, are now on to their next ridiculous conspiracy theories of how Obama really got accepted into Harvard Law School (read between the lines: because he was black), and the fact that Obama’s father is listed as “African” on the birth certificate rather than “Negro” and some nonsense about his social security number. After awhile it’s not even worth reading their comments and idiotic statements. We think the real reason for all this (besides his being half-black) is that they clearly don’t like what they perceive as a “foreigner” (with a middle name of Hussein), who they are also convinced is a Muslim running their ideal version of what America should be — white and Christian. They refuse to believe that he is a Christian and patriotic, and they also probably still believe that he has ties to terrorism. We’re sure they will next try to claim that he is the anti-Christ himself.    

Trump is a complete buffoon but we don’t believe for a second that he really thinks Obama was born outside of America. We believe this whole witch hunt (for that is exactly what it is) was started because he is simply trying to get the spotlight turned on himself and his possible run for the presidency, and also because the man is clearly showing his true racist colors. And the Republican Party is doing nothing to stop any of this. Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee actually had the audacity to say that Obama only released his birth certificate to distract from the issues our country faces. Hello?!? It is these very same people who have been carrying on this sideshow for three years now, demanding that Obama release his birth certificate, to the point of distraction. Then when he finally does release it they accuse him of doing it for distraction purposes — and they still don’t believe the document is authentic anyhow. It’s ludicrous but that is what our country seems to be running on these days — pure insanity.

The birthers and conspiracy nuts still don’t believe he is a natural born citizen and clearly never will. They refuse to believe what is absolute proof that Obama was born in this country. They just believe whatever pack of lies they read on the Internet. As Jason Linkins said in The Huffington Post:

“The only thing that a dedicated conspiracist sees in the debunking of his conspiracy is more reasons to continue the conspiracy. If there’s something that they can nitpick, it soon becomes a hole in the debunker’s argument.”

There is absolutely no way that someone who is not a natural born citizen would even be accepted on any ballot as a legitimate presidential candidate — let alone get elected. Any person who is running for President must show authentic documentation of their natural born citizenship, and that documentation must be verified without a shadow of a doubt. Supposedly the wackjob fringe element in this country think it is somehow possible for Obama to have, either, fooled everyone (but not them, being that they are too “intelligent” to be sucked into his obvious deceit), or for everyone else to be in on this conspiracy. These are people who are clearly angry at the world and want to blame everything that is wrong in their life on the fact that a black man is their leader — something they refuse to accept, so therefore need to find ways, no matter how ridiculous, to discredit him. Why is the media even giving a voice to these clearly deranged individuals? They have made a news story out of something that should have died years ago. It was proven in 2008 that Obama was clearly born in Hawaii, which would make him a natural born citizen. And yet, here we are three years later still talking about this garbage.

Donald Trump, himself, better watch out, if he’s not careful. All his witch hunt has done has made him look like a racist and a nutcase, which will not be good for attracting more celebrities to his fake-reality show The Apprentice, and for any potential presidential run. Also, the fact that he has always claimed that his casinos had no ties to the Mafia is now starting to be exposed for the lie that it always was. He clearly had ties to mobsters, so Trump better start preparing to defend himself against the accusations that will only intensify if he chooses to run. This man is clearly a joke, bad hair and all, who bankrupted a casino. Is that someone who we would want running our country?? Karma is gonna be a bitch for The Donald. We look forward to watching him squirm.

This whole story just shows us that this country still thrives on ignorance and racism. We are going backwards as a nation, and as long as we have wackjobs running around spewing conspiracy garbage and getting everyone riled up over things that have no relevance to the real problems we face, we will never move forward.