Further Into the Crazy Zone

Written April 22, 2018…

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The Democrats’ lawsuit proves once again that, not only have they learned nothing from 2016’s embarrassing loss, but they are going further and further into the crazy zone. It also proves that they refuse to change course or actually start acting like the “Left” party they claim to be – which of course they are not.

Even if I was a Dem loyalist, I would be looking at this and thinking, “Is this really where our energy should be going? How is this helping anything?”

I mean, Democrats have lost about a thousand seats in government over the years, and yet they still have not realized that the only way they are going to start winning elections again is to stop trying to act like Republicans. Why would anyone want Republican-lite when you can just vote for the real thing? I don’t vote Democrat anymore because they are way too conservative of a party for my tastes. Way too pro-Wall Street, way too pro-war, way too pro-mass surveillance, way too pro-corporate. But they can’t be what progressives want them to be without being forced to give up all that money, which they are never going to do. So this is the road they are traveling down. Just keep fear-mongering with the “Republicans will eat your babies” type nonsense. Never mind that Dems do almost all the same shit to you as Republicans do. It’s just good cop-bad cop, and they hope enough people keep falling for it indefinitely.

The Dems probably don’t even care if they win this lawsuit. The key seems to just keep throwing as much “Trump-Russia collusion” mud at the wall to see what sticks. If they can paint Trump as a nefarious “foreign agent” (instead of what he actually is, which is nothing more than a rich establishment buffoon), then maybe they can scaremonger enough people to vote their way next time. They also want to keep painting anyone that doesn’t vote for their party as “anti-American/pro-Russian.”

I predict this is going to blow up in their face, just like their scheming did in 2016. It will also turn most of us even more against them than we already were. But go ahead, prove to all of us once and for all that Putin and WikiLeaks literally “made” Trump the president. This should be good for yet another laugh. Except that none of this is the least bit funny anymore.


Left-Wing: A Dirty Word

Written Feb. 18, 2018…

Dank, Socialism, and Wings: The Left vs. Right
 Political Spectrum
 Left Wing
 Right Wing

It should tell you everything you need to know that the supposedly “left-wing” Democratic Party is terrified of even being seen as “left-wing” – let alone actually acting like a “left-wing” party.

They attack the Republicans for being too “right-wing” but they think the answer to that is to be a centrist party that keeps inching farther and farther to the right. But just as long as they can appear a hair to the left of the Republicans, then people believe the Democrats are still “left-wing.” There is nothing left-wing about them – except maybe in the empty, politically-correct platitudes they still continue to spew.

They have convinced their followers that no Democrat can ever possibly win if they are too far to the left. I guarantee a truly “left-wing” progressive candidate (one who is actually against interventionist wars) can and would win. I say that if the Democratic Party actually had the same exact platform as the Green Party, they could win. That will never happen, though, within the anti-progressive wasteland of a party the Democrats have become over the past three decades. So they smear the Green Party as being way too anti-war, anti-fracking, anti-establishment to ever win. And people believe it and don’t vote Green. So therefore, the Greens never get any bigger. It’s not because people don’t believe in those values though. It’s because the Democrats do everything they can to make sure that progressives stay within their own party, and never go elsewhere. They make sure that a Green Party candidate is not allowed on stage during a presidential debate. They make sure the Green Party never gets to 5%. The Democrats’ very existence depends on keeping the Green Party marginalized, and keeping progressives forever believing that they need to stay with the Dems in order to win. Never mind that the Dems rarely win anymore for the very reason that they act too much like Republicans. Oh, the irony!

Millions of us no longer will accept someone who is only barely more to the left than a Republican. We want someone who is actually “left-wing.” I want someone who is 100% against regime changes and interventionist/imperialist wars. I will not compromise on this issue. The Democrats bought into all that Republican smearing over the past several decades that anyone to the left is a “pinko commie hippie” and is un-American if they don’t worship at the feet of Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex and the FBI and CIA. I have gotten accused of “working for Russia” and/or being a Trump-supporter for the very reason that I do not support these institutions. Democrats think the way to win elections is to try to beat the Republicans at their own game, instead of actually representing their own constituents. Hillary was more concerned with trying to lure anti-Trump conservatives over to her side, rather than trying to represent progressives to the left.

Progressives have been vilified as being Russian sympathizers. The same shit that the Nixon-era conservatives tried to say about young liberal Democratic voters. It’s truly sad that people in their 60s and 70s, who were once the so-called “pinko-commie hippie liberals” who railed against the Vietnam War, the establishment, the Nixon administration and the older, conservative generation, have now become conservative voters, Trump supporters and/or neoliberals who refuse to see how right-wing the Democratic Party has become. And they now denounce the younger generation, just like they were once denounced.

In other words, they have become the very thing they once railed against. It is a truly sad thing to watch. I can say that I, on the other hand, have grown more progressively liberal as time has gone on. The farther to the right Democratic voters go, the further left I go.

The establishment propaganda machine has properly done its job. Millions of us have finally stopped falling for their tactics, though. Over the next couple of years, they will try harder than ever to smear us, silence us, vilify us and bully and manipulate us. Even more than they did in the 2016 election. We can never let their manipulation tactics work on us again. We cannot go back to neo-liberal pro-establishment shills like Obama and Clinton. That is what gave us Trump in the first place. If we do, we will only be paving the way for even-worse versions of Trump in the future.

The Crumbling Empire

Written Feb. 13, 2018…

The United States empire is going down quickly – and it is threatening to take everyone down with it. That is why our government, military and corporate media wants to brainwash you into believing that there are evil enemies lurking everywhere you look – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria. They are all out to get us, according to these war merchants. Our government wants you to believe that these countries are out to destroy democracy and the world. Actually, we are the ones who have destroyed democracy, as our nation is nothing but an oligarchy. And we are the nation that the rest of the world looks at as the biggest danger to world peace.

A sign of a dying, desperate empire is when it thinks it can engage in ever bigger, more insane war campaigns, delusionally thinking that this will somehow restore its former glory. Notice how we never even seem to win any of these ridiculous wars we engage ourselves in? For the most powerful nation in the history of the world, we seem to get bogged down in endless, unwinable wars over and over. But then again, isn’t that the whole point? We don’t really care about winning wars. We only care about continuing these wars – and starting new ones. God forbid that we would actually spend money and fix all the problems we have in our nation. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our law enforcement has turned into a militarized police state. In many cities in America, we have literally become a third world nation, with dirty undrinkable water, raw sewage in the streets and homeless people begging for food. How does this happen in the richest country in the history of the world? It’s very easy when our nation keeps screwing over its citizens – all for greed and profit. They want to make sure we are left with absolutely nothing. So what exactly is the point in fighting these wars? It certainly is not to protect freedom, it’s not to protect some great way of life that no longer exists. It’s just to make rich people richer.

You cannot possibly hold on to world power if you are fighting wars in every part of the globe simultaneously. We are appearing more and more like a dying beast that is flailing around without any real purpose anymore. But that is why we are extremely dangerous. We are causing havoc in every part of the globe. And our allies keep enabling this behavior, instead of standing up to us, and condemning us for our constant war crimes. The same war crimes that we hypocritically condemn our enemies for committing.

Constant war is the new normal. We will keep bombing countries, creating terrorists and then claiming that we need to engage in new wars to “stop” the terrorists – which just creates more terrorists and more reasons to fight wars. And so on. And our nation is falling more and more into absolute shambles, just so a few rich, powerful people can get even richer off of death, misery and destruction.

There is no doubt about it – World War III is just around the corner.

This will not end well.

Voting My Conscience

I voted for Jill Stein for President in the last election, and over the past 14 months, whenever someone who hated Hillary yet voted for her anyhow (out of irrational fear of Trump) asks me in a snarky manner, “And now we have Trump as President, so how did voting for Jill work out for you?,” I reply, “It worked out wonderfully for me. I voted my conscience, so I have zero regrets. If I had given into the fear like you did, we would have still had Trump as our President (since Hillary won my state and my voting for her would have changed nothing), and I would have loathed myself forever for succumbing to vote for a warmongering, corrupt cheater.”

I voted for someone who represented my values and beliefs, and offered much better solutions to America’s problems. I refuse to vote for any candidate who pushes for more senseless wars. That is a deal-breaker right there. Forget everything else. That one issue alone determines whether I will vote for you or not. Then after that, I must agree with you on issues of the environment, law enforcement reform, fracking, Citizens United, gun control, free public health care, Wall Street reform, raising the minimum wage, and many other important issues. I don’t have to agree with you on everything, but there are some issues I refuse to compromise on. If you want to call me a “purist” then be my guest. But I refused to give up my values and ideals for the likes of Hillary Clinton.

In my opinion, the 2016 general election was the biggest no-win situation we have ever had in America – being told we had to choose between the two most despised candidates in history. That was no choice, as far as I was concerned. I have hated Trump for decades. I have hated the Clintons for decades. I have voted Republican a couple of times in the past and deeply regretted it. I have voted Democrat many times over the years, and have almost always regretted it. I actually became a Democrat just to vote for Bernie, and how did that turn out? It was a total farce. That was not an election – it was a coup. He (and all of his supporters) were disrespected and cheated. Why would I ever become a Democrat again to try to help someone win, when I already know that the person I would want (Tulsi, for example) would also be cheated out of the nomination? Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me.

The last I checked, Hillary’s approval rating was even lower than Trump’s! And she’s not even in office anymore! To say that the Democrats screwed up in the most colossal way imaginable is an understatement. Everything that she says and does just reinforces to me that we would have not been “better off” with her in office. We would still be in a huge mess, but most people would be living in this false delusion of “safety.” They wouldn’t be out there protesting against any of the bad shit she surely would have been doing. The only real difference with her was that she talked more intelligently than Trump. Or at least gave the illusion of talking more intelligently. But pushing for no-fly zones in Syria is really not intelligent nor sane, no matter how nicely you spin it. It would have meant all-out war with Russia. Does that sound “better” to you than Trump? It sounds just as insane as Trump’s escalating tensions with North Korea. Bottom line: We were told to choose between 2 corrupt, lying, despised, insane warmongers. No thank you.

I don’t intentionally vote for horrible candidates just to stop other horrible candidates. I don’t vote out of fear. I don’t vote the “lesser evil.” Some of my choices over the years might have later turned out to be a “lesser evil” (Obama, for example), but I at least believed in my decision at the time I made it. It just simply turned out to be a bad decision. But deliberately voting for a so-called “lesser evil” is still voting for evil. It boggles my mind how people can rationalize that approach to voting – especially since 40 years of constantly voting the “lesser evil” is exactly the reason why we were now in the position of having to choose between two horrible candidates. If you think that you can eventually vote your way towards a great President by using that approach, then let me know how that works out for you.

Honestly, I don’t even have any faith in our election system. It is corrupt, it is non-democratic, it is ripe for cheating and rigging. And that’s not even mentioning the Electoral College, which is the reason why Trump is now our president. Plus, I don’t believe for a second that Jill got as few votes as she did. Not with so many Bernie supporters claiming to have voted for her. I heard people say they voted for Jill, yet the totals for their town registered no votes cast for her. So don’t tell me that Hillary really got as many votes in the general election as they say she did. I don’t buy it. Because of our corrupt election system, we will never really know just how many votes were actually cast for any of the candidates. The 2016 election was a total farce from beginning to end. But that’s America for you.

Perhaps Jill stood no chance of winning, but in the end I voted my conscience. That is the way all people should vote – with their conscience. You can vote any way you want, but at least make sure it is someone that you can walk out of the voting booth feeling good about. Hint: If you walk out of there feeling like you need to bathe in battery acid – then you made a bad choice.

I already knew that it was going to be either Hillary or Trump winning, which meant America was fucked either way – but at least I felt good about who I voted for.

Can these Hillary-hating-but-voted-for-her-anyhow people say the same?

Written Jan. 21, 2018…

Exit, Stage Left

Written Aug. 13, 2017…

Millions of progressives have made it known loud and clear that we are no longer happy with the tone-deaf Democratic Party, the neoliberal establishment or status quo politics, in general. In fact, we are enraged, and with very good reason. Millions of us are getting screwed over, and things are getting worse, not better, for people of color. Democrats are doing nothing to address any of this. They just offer empty, worthless platitudes that sound nice but mean nothing.

How does the Democratic establishment respond to our complaints? By smearing anyone who won’t vote for their identity-politic corrupt, warmongering corporate choices, and telling us we are just a bunch of whiners and freeloaders that need to shut up and fall in line – just like we have always done.

In other words, they have given us a huge middle finger and let us know that they don’t give a damn about our concerns. They… just… don’t… care. Well, except for when we don’t vote for them. Then they suddenly seem to notice us. Of course, it’s only to heap more derision on us. It’s all about shaming and blaming everyone else for their own pathetic failures. It is the main reason why 15 million people have exited this party. I predict millions more will eventually leave. The party has learned absolutely nothing from any of this. The only thing they can do is double-down on their ridiculous Russian hacking claims that have never been proven with any tangible evidence.

The Democrats have become far more dangerous than the Republicans, for the simple reason that as long as they keep people on the Left enslaved to them, through intimidation, fear, manipulation and false promises, and they offer no real opposition to Republicans, then Americans have nobody that will protect them from the horrendous, destructive policies of the Republicans. They have become one and the same corrupt evil party. And when progressives keep getting shamed and ignored by the Democrats, so the party can court disgruntled conservative voters instead, we are left with no other choice but to fight their corrupt, useless party even harder than the Republicans that they tell us we need protection from.

Get Ready for the Gaslighting to Commence

Written July 23, 2017…

We already know what to expect over the next three years from the Democratic Party, die-hard Democratic voters and the neoliberal mainstream media.

If Kamala Harris does indeed become the Chosen One that the Democratic Party gets behind, and progressive voters aren’t willing to vote for her, we will not only be called sexists next time, but racists as well. It doesn’t matter if most of us voted for Obama and/or Jill Stein. We didn’t vote for Hillary, so that automatically makes us sexist – and because Kamala is also black, then we will be called racist, as well. Many progressives would probably be willing to vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Nina Turner, but that still doesn’t matter. If you don’t vote for the Clintonites’ chosen woman or person of color, then you are labeled sexist and/or racist. It doesn’t matter that many of us would be proud to call someone like Tulsi or Nina the first woman president – the Dems don’t want those two women anywhere near the White House, so they pretend like they are not really women, and, in Nina’s case, black, as well. Just like they pretended that Jill Stein wasn’t really a woman that you voted for last time, which totally negated their argument that you are “sexist.” The person has to be who they decide you should vote for – not who you decide to vote for.

We also know they will accuse us of secretly supporting Trump and his horrible policies, if we are not willing to vote for anything that may stop him. Never mind that voting for anything was what put him into power in the first place.

All of this is gaslighting and manipulation at its finest. It’s also complete bullshit.

Look, I don’t know Kamala Harris. She seems to be a nice lady, very intelligent, and I even agree with her on certain issues, but I also know she is corrupt, and I refuse to vote for any more pro-war/pro-corporate establishment status quo choices. I just differ on too many important issues to simply bite my tongue and vote for them, simply because Donald Trump will be the opposition. Kamala Harris is just Obama 2.0 meets Hillary 2.0. That might have been acceptable several years ago, but that now is just everything we don’t need. That is exactly the type of “lesser evil” candidate that has lead us to the dire situation we now find ourselves in. We need to stop with these horrible “lesser evil” choices. There is no such thing as a “lesser” evil. Evil is an absolute. Period.

To be absolutely fair, I will try to keep an open mind about this candidate, but I would have to say that my chances of voting for her in 2020 are extremely slim to none. And someone trying to shame me or gaslight me into voting for her will not get me to change my mind if I decide she is simply not someone I can get behind. If they tell me that it will be, once again, my fault if Trump wins, I will say it’s their fault for not pushing for a candidate that all of us could be happy with and rally behind. If Tulsi Gabbard or Nina Turner was the Democratic choice, there is a far greater chance of people who don’t vote Democrat rallying behind them. But you push someone like Kamala Harris, and you are guaranteeing that millions of progressive voters will either stay home again, or take their vote to a third party candidate.

I would love to see this nation’s first woman president. I would love to see a black woman president. I will not, however, just vote for any horrible choice simply because of their race or gender. I don’t vote for candidates simply because they are white and male, and I am not going to vote for them simply because they are black and female. That is identity politics at its worst. Horrible policies don’t suddenly become better because you have a black woman pushing them.

Kamala Harris is not the answer to our problems. She is just another problem. And she will almost certainly guarantee an extra four years of Trump. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – again.

Words vs. Actions

Neoliberal comedian Bill Maher tried to school the great Dr. Cornel West recently on whether black people would be better off with Hillary Clinton as President than under Donald Trump, when it comes to being unarmed and getting shot by racist cops… who then don’t go to jail for their crimes.

You do realize, Bill, that this was going on under a black president?? If Obama couldn’t stop it, what makes you think Clinton would have done any better??? Her and her husband passed policies that increased mass incarceration tenfold. Who suffered overwhelmingly by those policies? Black people.

So spare me with your ignorant argument. Dr. West wasn’t buying that bullshit, and neither should anyone else.

You are talking about how Trump is in favor of cops doing whatever the hell they want, which is true, but Hillary (great liberal that she is) made a speech (oooooh), denouncing these actions by cops. But as Dr. West pointed out, “Hillary gave speeches about a whole lot of stuff… but there wasn’t a whole lot of integrity in it, though.” Of course, Maher just sat there and did everything he could to shill for Clinton, as he always does. He loves gaslight and shame anyone who refuses to vote for a warmongering neoliberal criminal.

For fake “liberals” like Maher, saying nice things is as good as actually doing them. It doesn’t actually matter what your actions are… just as long as you give feel-good speeches. Clinton… Trump… neither one was going to do a damn thing to stop police violence. The only difference is, Clinton would say some harsh words about it, and Trump would say he was in favor of it.

Either way, innocent black people will still keep getting killed by racist cops, regardless of which party is in power. And those racist cops will still get off scot-free. Until we demand that our leaders actually do something about this problem, they can make all the harshly worded speeches they want. If there are no actions to back it up, then the words aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Which Road Do We Choose?

Written Jan. 28, 2017…


We can either go down 2 roads over the next 4 years:

We can finally realize that, if you are a real progressive (for lack of a better term), then it is time to finally move on once and for all from the Democratic Party and build a true alternative movement that will return power to the people.

Or you can just go running back to the party and vote for any candidate they put up… even if that candidate is the one that led to Donald Trump winning in the first place. You can allow yourself to continue to be manipulated by a corporate-owned, corrupt, warmongering party that does not give a shit about you, but only cares about your vote. But because they talk nicer than Trump, you “feel” better about them. Never mind that their policies may be very much the same on too many big issues (war, Wall Street, fracking, etc). People want the illusion of safety, even if it’s all just a complete sham.

My guess is that the Democrats will continue to do absolutely nothing to reform and make themselves into the party they once were. They will simply put up another corporate, warmongering, corrupt shill, and hope that you will be so freaked out by Trump (because the dishonest corporate media will catastrophize everything he does) that you will vote for anybody to beat him… even if that person is only “better” on the surface, but the same underneath (which I thought Hillary Clinton was). They will spend the next 4 years trying to, once again, bully you, gaslight you and manipulate you, and then blame you if you don’t vote for their next horrible candidate. They will scream, “Look at what Trump is doing!,” even if some of those actions are the exact same thing as what Barack Obama did.

Obama deported millions of people, bombed 7 countries, increased the NSA’s ability to spy on all of us, got rid of habeas corpus, and went after whistleblowers. But because he was a nicer guy than Trump, and didn’t talk crazy like him, then somehow that makes it different?

It amazes me that we are now almost at the point where half the entire voting population in this country is listed as “independent,” yet how many of them still keep voting either Democrat or Republican? How long before we finally break free from both horrible parties once and for all? How long before we finally start holding all candidates (even the ones we like) accountable for their actions, and stop just making excuses for them?

If the Democrats put up someone like Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard, then I might be talked into coming back to the party – but not if they are going to put up a corporate shill candidate to run against them, and then just rig the entire primary again, like they did with Bernie Sanders. But if it’s Hillary Clinton (god forbid), Cory Booker or Keith Ellison who is their choice, then I’m sorry, but I’m not falling for that “corporate shill posing as a progressive,” identity politics bullshit. I’m done with that nonsense forever. We had eight years of that. I mean, yes, I’d rather see Ellison in office than Trump, but I refuse to just vote for “anybody who isn’t Trump.” And Ellison has been pushing hard for “no-fly zones” in Syria, which will lead to all-out war with Russia. Does that sound “better” to you? That’s what Clinton pushed for. That’s what Trump is now pushing for. They are all the same in the end. Would you prefer your nuclear war with a Democratic twist of lime, or Republican?

The Democrats are not going to put up Turner or Gabbard, though. Progressives are not going to take back the party, no matter what people like Bernie or Cenk Uygur think. It’s delusional thinking. The establishment will not give up its power to people who want to take that power away. The party is owned and controlled by the same Deep State “shadow government” that owns and controls the Republican Party. But many people are still under the illusion that they are somehow different. They’re not.

You think it’s an accident that we got to a place where the 2 most hated candidates ever were your only real “choices”? It’s that same failed “lesser of 2 evils” strategy that hasn’t worked in forever.

People who never paid any attention to what was going on the past several years are suddenly up in arms over Trump doing some of the same things that Obama did. It took someone like Trump to finally wake them up. Well, hooray! But are they going to stay awake once Trump is gone, or are they just going to vote another Democrat in come 2020, and then go back to sleep under the false illusion that we are “safe” again? If we do that, then this Trump presidency will have taught us nothing.

We need to not just fight Trump for the next four years, but the entire corrupt system on both sides. We need to stop allowing them to lie to us, manipulate us and bully us. We need to stop falling for that “good cop/bad cop” routine that Democrats and Republicans play with us. We need to finally say “enough is enough” and hold strong to our convictions and beliefs. If not, then they will continue to have all the power.

Nobody Owes You a Vote

Written Sept. 24, 2016…

It infuriates me how Hillary Clinton and her supporters are pissed at, and trying to shame and bully, millennials for not supporting her. As if they owe her a vote. Millennials are only the latest group to be shamed and bullied for their refusal to line up behind Clinton.  “Bernie or Bust” voters have also been shamed, as well as Jill Stein supporters. Why don’t they go after the millions of Americans who won’t vote at all in this election, if they want to be mad at someone?

What do people not get that nobody has to vote for anyone they don’t want to vote for? You can’t make them like you. You can’t make them vote for you. Even if you think they hate you for invalid reasons, the fact remains – they have a right to hate you if they choose. Just like we can’t force someone to fall in love with us, no matter how much we might hope. I can’t make anyone like me or trust me if they don’t. People can hate me for this article if they want, and that is their right. If they respond to this and tell me I am completely wrong, that is also their prerogative.

I wish millions of liberals had voted for Bernie instead of Hillary. But if they chose not to, then that was their right. I wish every single Bernie supporter would now vote for Jill Stein, as I think she would have just as much chance of winning as if Bernie would have had. But again, I can’t force anyone to vote for her. And to say that you must vote for one candidate, so that the other candidate doesn’t win, is a ridiculous argument to make. Who are you to tell me that I must vote for someone I don’t want, like, or trust, just because their opponent may or may not be worse? I’m sure some people will miss the point of this article completely and comment, “If Trump wins, let it be on your head.” So be it.

If millions of people hate you, it can’t all be just some huge misunderstanding. When more than half the country doesn’t trust Clinton, there’s a good reason. You know that old saying, “Where there’s smoke… there’s fire.” It can’t just be blamed on a “vast right wing conspiracy.” Especially when you see Republican after Republican lining up to support her now. Don’t think for a second that it’s only because they simply don’t want Trump. They are lining up behind her because her war hawk views are perfectly in line with their own.

I love how, when you say you are going to vote your conscience, people actually get mad at that… and accuse you of being the “selfish” one because it’s gonna be your fault if Trump wins. They tell you that you have to put away your convictions and beliefs, and get in line behind Clinton, and that if you don’t, you are voting out of “white privilege” and/or “heterosexual privilege.” First off, not only do I not have to put my convictions aside, but I refuse to do so. I am not going to sacrifice my lifelong principles just to make sure Trump doesn’t become President. Secondly, there are more and more people of color and/or homosexual persuasion who are turning away from Clinton everyday, so to hell with your shaming tactics. Most minorities have long realized that the Clintons not only were not on their side, but they did irreparable damage to them with their racist and anti-gay policies. She will most certainly return to supporting the horrendous TPP (which Trump strongly opposes), and she is already ramping up the anti-Russia, pro-war rhetoric that may very well lead to another Cold War and possibly World War III. But I’m supposed to be so much more terrified of a racist, cartoon villain buffoon like Trump, who almost has no chance of actually winning anyhow, because of the fact that the corporate powers that actually run this country want Clinton to win. And they will make sure she wins – at any cost.

I vote my conscience. Always have, always will. If everybody did, we wouldn’t get stuck in these horrible situations where we are being told to constantly vote the “lesser of 2 evils.” The lesser of 2 evils is no better than the greater of 2 evils. Evil is evil. Period.

To hell with the lesser evil, many of us will be voting the greater good. And if Clinton supporters and anti-Trump supporters don’t like that, then that is their problem, not ours.

This Is Not a Protest

Written Sept. 19, 2016…

When I hear Hillary Clinton supporters, or even worse, Bernie Sanders himself, saying that voting for Dr. Jill Stein is simply a “protest vote,” that will only “help Donald Trump win,” that really offends me by the sheer arrogance of someone thinking they have the right to tell you who you should or should not be voting for. I have never once voted for someone out of protest, and I’m not about to start. I don’t owe Hillary Clinton my vote, and she has done nothing to deserve receiving it. Her lies, her cheating, her endless scandals and her corruptness are the reasons why.

Saying that I am only voting for Stein out of “protest,” is to suggest that I don’t really want her as my President, but I’m just voting for her to “stick it” to the Democrats. They also make it sound like, deep down, I actually want Hillary as my President, but I’m simply not voting for her out of spite that she is the nominee, instead of Bernie. Listen, if I wanted Hillary as my President, I would vote for her. If I didn’t really want Stein as my President, I would not vote for her. It’s as simple as that. It’s the same reason why I voted for Bernie in the primary – because he was the candidate I wanted to lead our country.

And when I hear people say that this election is too important to throw away my vote, I totally agree. That’s why I am voting for the only candidate I can trust, as well as believe in. I don’t vote for someone based on their “win-ability” factor. I vote for them because I feel they are the best candidate. It’s just like that saying, “I don’t fight fascism because I think I can beat fascism. I fight fascism because it’s fascism.” A lifelong New York Jets fan would not root for the New England Patriots just because they have a better chance at winning – so why would I vote for someone I don’t agree with, trust nor like, simply because they have a better chance of winning than the candidate I actually want? And does Trump being a horrible candidate somehow make Clinton seem “less horrible?” No, he does not.

I have always deeply believed that voting for someone you don’t want, in order to beat someone else you don’t want, is the definition of a throwing away a vote. You will walk away not feeling good about your choice, and you will almost certainly regret voting for that person. And whether the other candidate would have been even worse is really irrelevant. Evil is an absolute. There is no “lesser” in the equation. A bad choice is still bad, regardless of whether the other choice is even worse. All you do, by voting for that “lesser” choice, is guarantee that the bar will keep being lowered in each election.

I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein – not based on what her chances are of winning, but because I agree with her agenda, I trust her, and I feel she is exactly what this country needs. Instead of the “lesser evil,” I choose to go with the “greater good.” She is the closest to Bernie, as far as agenda, and she is even more progressive than he is. Would it have been better if he had run with her? Of course, but he chose to side with a corporate establishment shill like Hillary – which makes me wonder if he is more of an “establishment” politician than he likes to claim?

Anyhow, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton because I feel she is everything that is wrong with this country. And whether Donald Trump is worse than her or not is completely irrelevant to me. I detest both of them equally, so therefore, if my voting for Stein inadvertently “helps” Trump, then so be it. It’s certainly not my intention to help him in any way, but I’m not going to vote for Clinton just to keep him out of the White House, as I feel that she is an even greater threat to America.

You can label my vote whatever you want, but I consider it the only viable choice, based on my convictions and beliefs. I will be able to live with myself when I walk out of that voting booth. Will you be able to say the same?

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