Words vs. Actions

Neoliberal comedian Bill Maher tried to school the great Dr. Cornel West recently on whether black people would be better off with Hillary Clinton as President than under Donald Trump, when it comes to being unarmed and getting shot by racist cops… who then don’t go to jail for their crimes.

You do realize, Bill, that this was going on under a black president?? If Obama couldn’t stop it, what makes you think Clinton would have done any better??? Her and her husband passed policies that increased mass incarceration tenfold. Who suffered overwhelmingly by those policies? Black people.

So spare me with your ignorant argument. Dr. West wasn’t buying that bullshit, and neither should anyone else.

You are talking about how Trump is in favor of cops doing whatever the hell they want, which is true, but Hillary (great liberal that she is) made a speech (oooooh), denouncing these actions by cops. But as Dr. West pointed out, “Hillary gave speeches about a whole lot of stuff… but there wasn’t a whole lot of integrity in it, though.” Of course, Maher just sat there and did everything he could to shill for Clinton, as he always does. He loves gaslight and shame anyone who refuses to vote for a warmongering neoliberal criminal.

For fake “liberals” like Maher, saying nice things is as good as actually doing them. It doesn’t actually matter what your actions are… just as long as you give feel-good speeches. Clinton… Trump… neither one was going to do a damn thing to stop police violence. The only difference is, Clinton would say some harsh words about it, and Trump would say he was in favor of it.

Either way, innocent black people will still keep getting killed by racist cops, regardless of which party is in power. And those racist cops will still get off scot-free. Until we demand that our leaders actually do something about this problem, they can make all the harshly worded speeches they want. If there are no actions to back it up, then the words aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.