Screed #24

October 1, 2009…


In today’s news, Jon Gosselin said his family is a “train wreck” and the show is to blame. Well, there is a complete understatement! You prostitute yourself, your marriage and your children for the sake of instant fame and fortune, by filming every aspect of your private life, and then wonder why it all turns to shit? This is the reality of so-called “reality” shows! And then Kate Gosselin says that Jon is only thinking about himself (which is probably true, but that’s beside the point) and she is only concerned about her children and their well-being. Really? By exposing them to millions of viewers and turning their lives into a media frenzy? That’s the proper way to raise children?

So now Jon wants to put an end to the show. We hope that is the case, because we say “good riddance” to these two bottom-feeders. We have heard their names enough to last five lifetimes.