Sarah Palin Strikes Again (Screed #37)

January 13, 2011…

Well, Sarah Palin just couldn’t resist trying to turn yesterday’s Tuscon memorial into another day of “It’s all about poor me, and how everyone picks on me.” 

Once again, she had to make sure the spotlight was on her. How did this “soccer mom” simpleton ever got to be looked at as someone important and someone that a nation turns to for answers and opinions? She’s extremely divisive (there is no way she could ever unite a nation), she’s obviously not well-read, she’s inexperienced, she’s a quitter and a phony and even her own kids have made remarks to that effect. She is extremely narcisstic and egomaniacal. She just wants to be rich, famous and in the spotlight at all times. She is a whiner who is way too thin-skinned (constantly warring with the media and anyone who challenges her….she doesn’t seem able or willing to let anything roll off her back). She’s a bimbo. And we don’t say that because we don’t want to see a female president someday — we say it because we would want to see a good female president. And she clearly is not it. Yet her idiotic followers treat her like she’s a martyr and the Second Coming. It’s insane.

No, we don’t believe she is directly responsible for the Tuscon shooting and think it’s very dangerous to suggest so, but her constant fiery rhetoric (such as using loaded terms like “blood libel” or saying things like “don’t retreat…reload”) does not help our country in any positive way. We think it’s time Ms. Palin looked in a mirror for reasons other than simply kissing her own beautiful, well-manicured image.