Screed #20

July 28, 2009…


Well, convicted dog murderer Michael Vick has been released from jail and been reinstated by National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell. He is now free to be signed by any team brave enough and ignorant enough to want him playing for their team, despite the controversy that would be sure to follow that decision. We find it funny though that many people are complaining that Goodell, by suspending Vick for four games this year, is “unfairly” punishing him – stating that he served his jail time and therefore already paid his debt to society. First off, that was the law that punished him. Should the NFL not punish him too? What does one thing have to do with another? Secondly, we believe Vick, considering the horrendously heinous crimes he committed, should not be allowed back into the NFL at all. That’s right. As in ever. Maybe Vick is truly sorry for what he did and maybe he’s just sorry he got caught. And yes, everybody deserves a second chance in life and we certainly hope Vick goes on to have a long, happy, rewarding life, but why should he be allowed to play professional football again, when he was involved with something that was so completely despicable and cruel? And yet Pete Rose is still banned from baseball for betting on games? Is what he did worse than murdering animals? Apparently so, in the eyes of many sportswriters and fans. How ridiculous! 

Then many complain that Goodell is being “too harsh” on Vick, by also imposing many rules that Vick must adhere to. Hey, he’s lucky he’s even being given the chance to play again. Ignorant loudmouth Terrell Owens, of course, had to open his mouth and speak out on the issue, saying that Goodell should ease up on Vick. As we all know, T.O. never knows when to shut up. As Dallas Cowboys fans, we say, good riddance to T.O. and his arrogant antics and nonsense and constant whining. Let Buffalo deal with his endless bullshit now. 

Anyhow, we need to stop catering to all these prima donnas and thugs in the NFL who act like it is their RIGHT to play and make millions of dollars, and act as arrogantly as they want. Vick was given an extraordinary opportunity to play in the NFL and he screwed up beyond belief. Then, on top of it all, while on trial, he stupidly tested positive for marijuana. Now, we believe that marijuana should be legalized and don’t see any problem with it, but still, it clearly is not allowed in the NFL, and this just shows how little good judgement he showed. We can’t help but feel that anything that happened (or continues to happen) to him in the way of punishment is only what he deserves. We’re sure he’s nice person in many ways, but the man DID engage in dogfighting. And we feel there is absolutely no excuse for that. None. And we will have no respect for any team owner that ends up signing him. And if nobody signs him and his career is truly over, then he has nobody to blame but himself.


In other news, the great Sarah Palin, everybody’s favorite wackjob gun-toting, right wing MILF governor, is now finally gone – at least for the time being – amid a whirlpool of ethics probes, mounting bills and dwindling popularity. And of course, she couldn’t resist one last parting shot at the media, being the no-class, thin-skinned whiner that she is. Anyhow, goodbye Sarah, we hardly knew ye. Now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


P.S. Down with wheat!


A Rose by Any Other Name (Screed #19)

July 27, 2009…


Reportedly, there is talk of possibly lifting Pete Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball, in the near future, and allowing him to become eligible for Hall of Fame consideration. Commissioner Bud Selig has stated that Hank Aaron’s recent statement that Rose should be allowed back in is what made him give the idea serious consideration.

As we all know, Rose bet on games while manager of the Cincinnati Reds back in the late-80s. And as we also know, this is clearly against the rules of Major League Baseball, and can result in a lifetime ban from the sport, which is what happened to Rose. He then spent many years denying any wrongdoing, before finally admitting to it.

Yes, Rose has repeatedly shown himself to be an arrogant jerk, and of course, getting into the Hall of Fame is not just about how many hits you got or how many games you won for your team. It’s also about integrity and good sportsmanship, how you carry yourself on and off the field, and whether you have strived to be a good role model for younger players, as well as the youth of America. Rose did not possess most, if any, of these qualities.

Still, from what we know, Rose never cheated as a player. He always gave 150% on the field in every game, and did everything he could to win games for his teams, on his way to becoming the all-time hits leader. He is simply one of the greatest players the sport has ever known, and probably belongs in the Hall of Fame more, if stats alone are taken into consideration, than 80% of the players currently in there.

Now, keep in mind that Rose, as far as we know, never bet on baseball as a player, only as a manager – and it’s as a player that he would be going into the Hall. Also, it has never been proven that Rose ever threw a game, or bet on his team to lose. We realize that that ultimately shouldn’t matter because you simply should not be betting on baseball at all, if you are a manager, coach or player. Still, he never did anything to sabotage his team, for his own gain. For whatever that’s worth.

Over the past several years, we have seen all of the league’s best and most revered players to be either found guilty, or at least accused of, using performance-enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds, as we all know, clearly is guilty of this (whether proven or not) and has always come across as an extremely arrogant and unlikeable player and human being. He is clearly no role model. He’s just one of many that have disgraced baseball. One thing we cannot accuse Rose of, though, is using steroids and cheating. Then again, from what we have found out over the last several years, is that amphetamines were clearly used and abused for decades by hundreds of players. Anything to get a bit of an edge over other players. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be just singling out people like Bonds or Roger Clemens or Jose Canseco. Apparently, baseball was never the clean-cut All-American sport that we thought it to be. Should Bonds or Clemens be ineligible for Hall of Fame consideration because of their alleged wrongdoing? Despite everything, we would say no. They did do many great things on the field that had nothing to do with steroids. Then again, and perhaps we are splitting hairs, but is betting on baseball (and not even against your own team) worse than using performance-enhancing drugs and cheating? It’s seems like a bit of a double standard.

We think it’s ridiculous though, that many players have made the Hall of Fame who also did not set good examples on or off the field, yet Rose seems to be crucified for what he did. Ty Cobb, for example, was a known racist, beat up fans and made enemies everywhere he went. He would have been thrown off every team in baseball if he were playing today. Still, he’s one of the greatest players who ever lived. Should his bad behavior have kept him out of the Hall? Should he be thrown out now, knowing all the things that we know about him? We don’t believe so. He belongs in there, despite his sometimes despicable behavior. He simply lived in a different time, when his behavior wasn’t considered as bad as we now know it to be. And we believe Pete Rose belongs in there, as well. He probably should never be allowed to coach or manage again in the majors, and yes, letting him into the Hall means having to overlook certain things about his behavior and personality, that are clearly repulsive, but the man is simply one of the greats. We can’t take that away from him.

If he is indeed reinstated into Major League Baseball, he will, after twenty years, finally be eligible for the Hall. There is no guarantee that he will get the necessary amount of votes to make it, but we believe he deserves a chance – faults and all.

The Continuing Saga of Sarah Palin (Screed #18)

July 13, 2009…


Well, it seems that the infamous soon-to-be ex-Governor Sarah Palin simply got too wrapped up in her celebrity status and lost sight of what it took to do her job, which is one of the reasons why she has cut and run as governor. According to reports, it seems that advice she was being given was going ignored, ethics complaints were mounting against her, legal bills were piling up, important calls were going unreturned, her family life had become a mess and she was engaging in too many fights against the tabloids and David Letterman to actually do what Alaskans were paying her to do. Plus, lawmakers who had once been on her side were turning against her.

“We had business to do,” said State Representative Nancy Dahlstrom, a Republican who had worked on Ms. Palin’s 2006 race for governor. “It’s not all about adoration.”

It sounds to us like everyone was finally getting fed up with Ms. Palin’s increasingly circus-like act, and her “MILF” appeal has reached its limit.

As we stated on this site recently, Palin seems to be far too thin-skinned to be a successful politician, and feuds with anyone who is critical of her or her family. She doesn’t seem to realize that that just comes with the territory. Instead of ignoring the criticism and jokes aimed at her, and concentrating on her job, she seemed to relish engaging in these endless verbal skirmishes.

She got distracted too easily and did not seem fully committed to the job, despite all her protestations to the contrary. Despite her advisors suggesting that she stick close to home and focus on a state agenda, Ms. Palin accepted an invitation to attend an anti-abortion dinner in Indiana in April, even though Alaska’s state budget was hanging in the balance in the Legislature. Lawmakers and Alaskans alike were clearly not happy with her decision. 

It seems to us that the Palin family was clearly not ready for the national spotlight and it’s more than obvious that Senator John McCain should have never picked Sarah as his running mate. It was an idiotic move on his part, and one of the main reasons he lost to Obama. Palin’s interviews with Katie Couric and others showed her to be a simpleton, with a total lack of experience, who clearly had no business running for the second highest office in the land. Thank God he lost. It seems obvious now that he wishes he had never picked her. 

We think she is too consumed with being famous, amid her potential book deals and reality shows, and seems to have an inflated sense of her own greatness.

In case you can’t already tell, we are delighted to see her go. We just hope she goes away permanently. And if this is the person the Republican Party was pinning their hopes on in 2012, then they certainly have hit rock bottom.

Kim Jong’s Ill (Screed #17)

July 13, 2009…


South Korean news reports state that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il now has life-threatening pancreatic cancer (after last year’s stroke). Kim, who took over the country from his father, Kim Il Sung, is expected to live no longer than five years. Considering that he looked gaunt and frail in recent pictures, let’s hope it’s much less than that.

We say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer maniacal dictator. Good riddance to him, once he’s gone! It can’t happen soon enough.

Who would take his place though, once he dies? His youngest son, Kim Jong Un, has been mentioned as a possible successor. The regime is expected to be unstable and vulnerable, and Kim Jong Il’s brother-in-law, Jang Song Thaek, could try to snatch away power from Kim Jong Un. Either way, we’re sure it will continue to cause problems for America in the years to come, and eventually lead to another war with North Korea.  

All we can say is: haven’t we had enough of this evil family already? It sickens us that people like that still exist in the world, and it seems that as soon as you get rid of one dictator, another takes their place.

This world will apparently never run out of evil monsters.

Screed #16

July 10, 2009…


So Bernie Madoff gets 150 years for his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Good. 1,000 years would not be enough for this greedy slimeball. He ruined probably thousands of lives and caused some people to commit suicide, since they were financially ruined because of his actions.

He has agreed to not appeal the case because, what would be the point? There is no way he is ever leaving jail alive, so even if he got his sentence reduced to as little as 25 years, for instance, he’d be in his mid-90s. Anyhow, may he rot in Hell.

What bothers us so much though is the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission was informed of Madoff’s massive fraud through five separate investigations during the past five years. Five investigations! Talk about either incompetence on the SEC’s part, or massive oversight, or worse, perhaps they deliberately looked the other way…? Now, Lori Richards, the head of the SEC, is resigning, stating that it has nothing to do with the Madoff case. Sounds like a crock of shit to us. We’re sure it has everything to do with Madoff, and that she has been forced into this resignation. And if she is that incompetent, then we say good riddance!

These are the kinds of things that have been going on in this country for too many years that have helped caused the mess we’re in. Between the banks, and Wall Street, and the auto industry, there has been too much ignorance and greed and short-sightedness, and we, the average taxpayers, are the ones that will suffer. For many years to come.

And so life goes on in the circus that has become the American way, circa 2009…

Intelligence Takes a Vacation (Screed #15)

July 7, 2009…


We realize that we, here at The Federation, are simply more intelligent and of course, more enlightened, than the average slob. In otherwords, we are simply a higher life form than those ignorant folks that make up what we like to call Tard Nation. But even realizing this point makes us shake our heads in disbelief at the utter stupidity that we encounter across the Internet on a daily basis. Not a day goes by that we don’t go on a news website and read the day’s events and then have to wade through page after page of idiotic, badly spelled, poorly thought-out comments that people insist on leaving. The type of people, for instance, who will still try to have us believe that President Obama is a Muslim and was not born in this country, or that he is a Communist, terrorist, or Socialist, not to mention all the racist comments that they leave. You wonder if some of them are feverishly typing away at their laptops, as they sit with hooded white sheets and an open jug of moonshine at their local Klan meeting. Then to top it all off, we, the reader, can’t even understand the comment because it was written, as if, by a first grader (incomplete sentences, words all spelled badly) and makes little-to-no sense.

Sometimes, we’ll see comments left that have nothing to do with the story being commented on. Or they criticize Obama for things that happened twenty years ago, or things that simply have nothing to do with him. Or they will quote facts that you just know they completely made up in order to support their idiotic argument. Of course, this is nothing new. We saw the same thing happen when Bush was President, and Clinton before him.

Some people will use a news story about a person who committed a crime, or a story on an entertainer or athlete, as an excuse to unleash bottled-up racist, sexist, xenophobic, and religious-bashing comments that simply are ludicrous and moronic. And as the Web grows larger every day, and more people go on there to leave comments, the more stupidity we run up against.       

It’s enough to sometimes make us want to smash our computer screens in anger. Instead though, we come on this site and simply state our own views. And pray that some misguided fool will wake up and realize that it is better to let us trained professionals do the thinking.   

And so the battle against Tard Nation marches onward…

Fighting Back Against the Thieves (Screed #14)

July 7, 2009…


As The Federation stated recently on this site, the Recording Industry Association of America should be ashamed of themselves for charging a Minnesota woman (by the name of Jammie Thomas-Rasset), as well as a few others, millions of dollars in fines simply for illegally downloading music off the Internet. Well, it seems she is fighting back. “Such a judgment is grossly excessive and, therefore, subject to remittitur as a matter of federal common law,” Thomas-Rasset’s attorney reportedly told the court. Thomas-Rasset’s legal team also argued that evidence gathered by MediaSentry, a company that locates copyright-violating IP addresses, was presented at the trial, which Thomas-Rasset’s lawyers claim broke private investigator rules and thus should not have been admitted.

We hope Ms. Thomas-Rasset, as well as Boston University grad student Joel Tenenbaum, emerge victorious against the evil, dying empire that is the RIAA. It absolutely sickens us that they are being so utterly greedy and vindictive in this matter. The RIAA does not exist to protect the interests of the recording artists. The RIAA exists to protect the interests of the RIAA. They are trying to protect an outmoded business model and grab as much cash as they can before they go under for good. They are clearly desperate and sinking in the floods that are rising quickly around them. We hope they drown in their own sea of greed.  

And while we are on the subject: who is the jury that sided in favor of the RIAA and this ridiculous amount in fines? They should also be ashamed of themselves. We hope everyone on that jury gets caught illegally downloading music someday.  

We are glad to also see that some recording artists are speaking out against the RIAA’s diabolical witchhunt. Singer Richard Marx recently stated,

“As a longtime professional songwriter, I have always objected to the practice of illegal downloading of music. I have also always, however, been sympathetic to the average music fan, who has been consistently financially abused by the greedy actions of major labels. These labels, until recently, were responsible for the distribution of the majority of recorded music, and instead of nurturing the industry and doing their best to provide the highest quality of music to the fans, they predominantly chose to ream the consumer and fill their pockets. So now we have a ‘judgment’ in a case of illegal downloading, and it seems to me, especially in these extremely volatile economic times, that holding Ms. Thomas-Rasset accountable for the continuing daily actions of hundreds of thousands of people is, at best, misguided and at worst, farcical. Her accountability itself is not in question, but this show of force posing as judicial come-uppance is clearly abusive. Ms. Thomas Rasset, I think you got a raw deal, and I’m ashamed to have my name associated with this issue.”

Writing on his official Website, Moby also joined in with his own comments, stating:

“What utter nonsense. This is how the record companies want to protect themselves? Suing suburban moms for listening to music? Charging $80,000 per song? Punishing people for listening to music is exactly the wrong way to protect the music business. Maybe the record companies have adopted the ‘it’s better to be feared than respected’ approach to dealing with music fans. I don’t know, but ‘it’s better to be feared than respected’ doesn’t seem like such a sustainable business model when it comes to consumer choice. How about a new model of ‘it’s better to be loved for helping artists make good records and giving consumers great records at reasonable prices’? I’m so sorry that any music fan anywhere is ever made to feel bad for making the effort to listen to music. The RIAA needs to be disbanded.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We applaud Richard Marx and Moby for coming out this way and stating what needs to be said. We only wish more artists would speak out on this matter. 

The Sad Case of Megan Meier (Screed #13)

July 7, 2009…

In yet another news story that has left us with a feeling of shock, anger and bewilderment, comes the infuriating decision of a federal judge to tentatively throw out the convictions of Missouri mom Lori Drew, who had been charged with fraud in connection with a fake MySpace page targeting her 13-year-old neighbor, Megan Taylor Meier. As we all know, Megan Meier later committed suicide on October 17, 2006, and the “boy” who harassed her, Josh Evans, never existed. It was a fake Myspace account that adult Lori Drew and her 13-year old daughter (and former friend of Megan’s), as well as an 18-year-old employee of Drew’s, created in order to harass and torment Megan. Eventually, Megan became so distraught over this “boy,” when “he” told her that everyone would be better off with her dead. Despite her parents intense monitoring of the situation, she hung herself.   

As Megan’s mother Tina has stated, what the judge in this case has done has sent out a dangerous message to potential sexual predators, ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, feuding teenagers, and anyone else who wants to cause harm or get revenge on someone else, by harassing them over the Internet. She is trying to do all that she can to see that federal laws be enacted to prevent this kind of harassment from being allowed to happen without any form of punishment to take place.

89% of the people polled in America found this judge’s decision to be totally wrong. We couldn’t agree more. And we find Lori Drew to be a despicable human being and a terrible role model to her daughter. What kind of sociopath would do something like this, and then show little-to-no remorse in the process? Especially since she was aware of Megan’s propensity for depression and low self-esteem. Absolutely appalling!

Our hearts go out to the family of Megan, who has been torn apart over this horrendous situation. The judge involved in this case, however, should hold his head in shame and embarrassment for throwing out a jury’s decision, and allowing a guilty woman to go completely free. Lori Drew, her daughter and anyone else who contributed to the harassment of Miss Meier, should be held accountable for causing a beautiful young girl to take her own life.

The End of Sarah Palin? (Screed #12)

July 4, 2009…


We are shocked by this week’s announcement by Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin to abruptly step down from office at the end of the month. This just proves to us even more that she is totally unfit for public office, and is certainly unqualified to ever run for President. First off, she has way too thin of a skin. Yes, the media is intrusive and goes too far a lot of the time, but to be a successful president, she would have to develop a much thicker skin than she has so far shown. She seems to be constantly at battle with anyone who has the nerve to criticize her or her family, or make fun of them. Hey Sarah…stop whining and deal with it! That just comes with the territory, whether right or wrong.

One thing you can say about George W. Bush – he didn’t seem to let criticism get to him. Not sure if that was a good thing or not, considering the poor leadership he displayed most of the time, but he did show he isn’t easily swayed or wounded by verbal attacks. Ms. Palin, on the other hand, seems to let every criticism get to her.

Secondly, abruptly abandoning her office shows that she doesn’t have what it takes to ever lead our nation as President – not that we ever believed she had the intelligence or experience to do so anyhow (the woman came across like a know-nothing simpleton during her run for Vice President last year) – but if she thinks that stepping down will give her more time to run for President (if that is indeed her plan), we believe this decision will backfire on her. You can’t just quit like that. 

She claims she doesn’t want to be a lame-duck governor but we believe there is more to this story than she is admitting. Plus, what would happen if she was elected President and was in another lame-duck situation – quit then, as well?

Last week brought a highly critical piece in Vanity Fair magazine, with unnamed campaign aides questioning if Palin was really prepared for the presidency. Her term has also been riddled with scandals. We believe more will come out that will show her to be the corrupt, inexperienced, ignorant governor that we already know her to be. She is trying to come across like she is doing what is best for her state. We believe she is only doing what is best for HER. Or else getting out before any more scandals ruin her. Like we said, there is more to this story than we have so far seen.

Have we heard the last from Ms. Palin? We certainly hope so, but highly doubt it. Stay tuned…