Protection from Socialism (Screed #23)

September 4, 2009…


In the “Tard Nation Strikes Again” category, we see that the right wing, close-minded douchebags of this country are now up in arms because they don’t want Obama brainwashing their children with his dangerous subversive speech to them about staying in school, working hard and making something of yourself – it might turn them all into card-carrying socialists. He might even subliminally work in his plan for health care reform, if we’re not careful. Wouldn’t want the kiddies to hear that kind of x-rated filth. God forbid we would have the future of our country turn off the video games for a minute and actually get involved in the political process.  

These idiotic parents didn’t vote for Obama and don’t support his views (which would be fine, in and of itself), therefore they don’t want their kids to even hear anything that he has to say, so that they can make up their own minds. They believe, and continue to spread the lie, that Obama’s plan for health care reform is going to give everyone less choices, bankrupt our nation and kill off all sick, elderly people – yet they don’t want their children to hear what Obama actually has to say on the matter. Let us shelter our children from every idea which may differ from our own. Well, that certainly seems intelligent. That way of thinking has clearly gotten us into the mess that we all now find ourselves in.

We suppose they preferred living under the Bush/Cheney neo-fascist regime, where innocent citizens were being spied on and every policy was crafted in a shroud of darkness and secrecy. And we certainly wouldn’t want to overhaul the poor excuse of a health care system we have in this country, when we can be continuing to waste billions upon billions of dollars every day fighting a war that has proven disastrous, and which was waged under false pretenses. That’s perfectly acceptable.  

It’s funny how George Bush, Sr. gave the same kind of speech to kids when he was President, yet there were no protests. We just don’t want Obama doing the same, telling kids not to do drugs. They might actually listen. God forbid.