Bernie Sanders for President – 2016


“Playing the Gender Card”

Written May 29, 2016…

A comment from a female fellow Bernie Sanders supporting friend of mine earlier, talking about how she was actually called “sexist” for merely stating a fact about Hillary Clinton, made me think about this accusation that keeps getting lobbed our way, with no actual evidence to back it up. And it gets lobbed at women just as much as men, which I find to be very strange. If a black person criticizes Obama, does that make them racist?
Let me say that I’m sure there are many people in this country who are not going to vote for Hillary simply because they don’t want a woman President. Just like there were many people who didn’t want Obama to be President simply for being black. If you chose to not vote for Hillary or Obama specifically because of their gender or race, then I have no respect for you.
But I resent getting accused of something I am not. I proudly voted twice for Obama. I was happy to see a black man become President, but I didn’t vote for him simply because he was black. I voted for him because I thought he would make a good President. He still had to earn my vote, though, just like anyone else. He’s done things I’ve liked but there are things he’s done that I have not agreed with nor liked. If I criticize him for those things, does that all of a sudden mean I am “racist”? Does it mean I am a “Republican troll”? The birthers that accuse him of being a Muslim foreigner, and blame him for everything that has ever taken place on the earth, more than likely are all racists and anti-Muslim. But criticizing him over an actual policy that you disagree with, is not because of him being black. And I would highly resent anyone accusing me of being racist because of that.
I have criticized Hillary quite a bit over the months, but it has been strictly because I don’t agree with a lot of things she has done or said, I don’t feel she is a true progressive liberal (at least not nearly liberal enough for my tastes), and I don’t trust her for many reasons. I think she is corrupt and a pathological liar. I frankly could not care less that she is a woman. I would accuse her of the same exact things if she was a man. But does pointing these things out make me “sexist”? I don’t believe it does. I have many of the same problems with her as dozens of women I know. Are they all sexist too? I know that they would love to see America have its first female President, just as I would. We just don’t want this particular woman to be the one. I would have gladly voted for Liz Warren. I might still vote for Jill Stein. But I refuse to vote for someone like Hillary Clinton, and I frankly don’t care what gender she is. I just think she is a horrible candidate. Period.
Using the “sexist” accusation against anyone who dares not to vote for her, or who criticizes her on actual policy issues, shows one of two things. First, that you think women should be treated differently than men. If you think they should not be criticized, I have to ask you why. Do you think women can’t handle criticism? If so, then it’s you that sounds like the “sexist” one, playing the gender card with anyone who dares not agree with a woman. But most of the time I think they are just using gender as a diversionary, manipulative tactic designed to discredit the person making the criticism. They don’t like what you’re saying about her, so they try to discredit you by calling you “sexist,” thus dismissing anything you said, and making sure nothing else you say after that will be taken seriously.
And if they don’t call you “sexist,” they accuse you of being a Trump supporter (like I was accused of being yesterday, despite the fact that I am obviously a Bernie supporter and despise Drumpf)… or they call you a “Republican troll.” They are all tactics meant to take heat off of the fact you have told an ugly truth about their candidate, and to discredit you. It’s highly manipulative but it can be an effective way to get others to also dismiss anything you’re saying.
I loathe anyone who would not vote for a candidate simply because they are a woman. But I also loathe anyone who would wantonly play the gender card to manipulatively discredit someone just because they have legitimately criticized your candidate of choice. If your candidate has done something heinous, don’t blame me, or make horrible, false accusations about me, in order to take the heat off of what your candidate did. I would never accuse someone of being anti-Semitic simply because they disagreed with a policy of Bernie’s. If I did, I would be engaging in the same odious behavior as they are. And that kind of disgusting behavior really needs to stop.