Screed #22

August 20, 2009…


Can we say it already? Enough of the Brett Favre Never-ending Retirement Circus! In the latest turn of events concerning Mr. Favre, he is unretired once again. At least for this week. We never thought that one of the greatest quarterbacks and most respected athletes of our time would turn into such a pathetic, attention-seeking joke. The man has definitely become narcisstic and selfish. This quickly aging prima donna can’t seem to decide from day to day whether he wants to keep playing or not. He keeps changing his mind so quickly it has our heads spinning. And yet we, as a society, keep watching in fascination as to what he will do next. Or not do. Or who he’ll do it with. Or…

Sports writer Jason Whitlock said it best, concerning what sports, and in general, what America itself has become these days, and how it has affected all of us: 

“It’s not Favre’s fault. Television and money corrode values and ethics. Sportsmanship, individual sacrifice for the benefit of team and integrity had no chance of survival once television and money took over professional sports.

I don’t want to make too much of this, but everything you see playing out in the world of American sports is also playing out in our society at large. America has become one massive reality-TV show and all its citizens are vying to be contestants.”    

We couldn’t have said it any better. Whether it’s Brett Favre, or Barry Bonds, or Pete Rose, or Terrell Owens, or Alex Rodriguez, or Manny Ramirez, or Roger Clemens (the list goes on & on), it’s all about the individual player and damn the teams they play for.

Too many people in this country have developed this “what’s in it for ME?” attitude. Athletes, musicians, CEOs of corporations, politicians, actors – you name it. And this is why we find ourselves in the mess we’re in. All of us – together.

Anyhow, we’ll see how long Favre’s latest comeback lasts. We predict we’ll be going through this charade again one year from now – involving another team. And the same goes for T.O. We guarantee Buffalo won’t be able to get rid of him (and his antics) fast enough.

Who will the next team of suckers be, that will gladly line up to dance with Favre and T.O.? 

And can we also say that former Giant Plaxico Burress got exactly what he deserved today with his prison sentencing? And then on top of all this, Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable allegedly punches, chokes and threatens to kill assistant coach Randy Hanson, breaking his jaw in the process, and somehow keeps his job, and supposedly Hanson will get fired. Unbelievable. The Raiders have truly become a joke and it’s all because of fossilized owner Al Davis and the way the team has been badly run for too long. The man needs to be put out to pasture.  

This is all just another embarrassment in the joke that the NFL has become these days.


Roll Call #4

August 16, 2009…


People, places & things that make us want to commit suicide: 

The Iraqi War – the state of the economy – Jon & Kate Gosselin – American Idol – the job market – ugly, flat-chested women – Michael Vick’s reinstatement into the NFL – the Bush-Cheney administration – terrorism – corporate greed – the New York Giants – people that don’t return your calls and blow off plans – Pizza Hut Park – wheat – modern country music – terrestrial radio – reality TV shows – ignorance – the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series – the NRA – Rush Limbaugh – Sarah Palin – drug commercials on TV – the FDA – Twitter – Osama bin Laden – the RIAA – Guantanamo prison – Con Air – fast food restaurants – South Park – Marilyn Manson – cancer – steroids in baseball – 50 Cent – Arrested Development’s cancellation – blind patriotism – the Pittsburgh Steelers winning the Super Bowl – Barry Bonds – Toby Keith – Jerry Jones – AIG – the New York Yankees allowing Joe Torre to get away – Terrell Owens – Big Macs – sweet potatoes – the Wall Street bailout – Hillary Clinton – arrogance – racism – undisciplined children – Oprah Winfrey – 2009 – divorce – domestic violence – crystal meth – the death of the compact disc – insurance companies – Tard Nation – the phrase “my bad” – the Religious Right – Sen. Chris Dodd – welfare for the rich – Communism – the Middle East – guns – diet soda – al-Qaeda – people who can’t handle their liquor – Survivor – nuclear weapons – the dating scene – depression – computer viruses – the Taliban – brussel sprouts – Kenny G – the neo-Nazi movement – Celine Dion – gangsta rap – the death of John Lennon – opera – the KKK – Waterbury, CT – “Sometimes When We Touch” – the Die Hard movies – “Brangelina” – light beer – state cops – Jose Cuervo – Nicholas Cage movies – computer hackers – Mary Murphy – The Jerry Springer ShowLaw and Order – white bread – religious wackjobs – Simon Cowell – cable TV – golddiggers – the death of loved ones. 

Roll Call #3

August 16, 2009…


People, places & things that make life worth living: 

Listening to music – hanging out with friends – beautiful women – The Beatles – being with family on the holidays – Beat literature – Motown – “Rhapsody in Blue” – films by W. Allen, Scorsese, Bergman, Fellini, Welles & Godard – good sex – the New York Yankees winning the World Series – All in the Family – pets – The Joshua Tree – beer – the Dallas Cowboys winning the Super Bowl – beautiful weather – Pet SoundsThe Godfather trilogy – the paintings of Dali – walking around New York City – childhood memories – the first Van Halen album – Venice – summer cookouts – the Christmas season – Seinfeld – reading a good book – falling in love – the mushroom pizza at Bacco’s (Waterbury, CT) – A Love SupremeMad Men – Tennessee Williams’ plays – Manhattan – pasta – Hendrix performing “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock – the writings of Lester Bangs & David Fricke – Animal House – chicken mexicali – “On the Road” – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – the female anatomy – black coffee – Elizabeth Taylor’s classic beauty – The Sopranos – Miles Davis playing the trumpet – Frank Sinatra’s voice – Purple Rain – warm summer nights – Elvis’ Golden Records – grandparents – John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band – Johnny Walker Black (on the rocks)– the steak teriyaki at Dakota’s (Canton, CT) – Jennifer Lopez’s ass – inner contentment – San Francisco – the lesbian scene in Mulholland DriveTheme Time Radio Hour – Border’s bookstore – Paul Williams’ writings on Bob Dylan – Fawlty Towers – a Charlie Parker solo – a good relationship – Kind of Blue – writing – surfing the web – Orson Welles’ speech in The Third Man – a beautiful smile – the smell of a woman – children – Stevie Nicks – my grandmother’s pancakes – the Indy 500 – big breasted women – the Ali-Frazier fights – Spaghetti Sabatini (Sabatini’s – Florence, Italy) – Yosemite – Sketches of Spain – “Howl” – City Lights bookstore – “All Along the Watchtower” – Elvis’ ’68 Comeback Special8 ½ – the Leone / Eastwood “spaghetti westerns” – Forensic Files – the writings of Charles Bukowski – Krautrock – martinis – Brian Dennehy’s performance of Willy Loman on Broadway – Monty Python’s Flying Circus – “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” – Nancy Cameron’s centerfold in Playboy (Miss January 1974)– a Carvel’s hot fudge sundae – chicken vindaloo – Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo on “Eruption” – a fulfilling job – Arrested Development – rides out in the country – James Brown’s scream – “Watching the Wheels” – Creem & Rolling Stone magazines (1960s-80s) – Blackboard Café (Windsor Locks, CT) – “Dark Star” – Smile – Jennifer Tilly’s breasts – a pair of sexy eyes – “Of Mice and Men” – Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton’s performances in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff? – Blue Note album covers – “The Trouser Press Record Guide” – Italian bread – Prince’s guitar solo at the end of “Let’s Go Crazy” – Anna Karina’s eyes – Italy winning the World Cup (2006) – David Lee Roth’s scream on “Unchained” – record stores.

Screed #21

August 14, 2009…


Well, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick. We knew some team out there would be stupid enough to sign him. Apparently, they don’t care about the bad publicity this will bring, never mind sending out the message that it’s okay to brutally torture animals, as long as you can help us win a Super Bowl. If we were Eagles fans, we would be boycotting all of their games. We have heard from some Eagles fans, though, who have told us they are through following them. Good for them. As Cowboys fans, we would be doing the same thing.

As pet owners, we feel that what he did was reprehensible. Yes, everyone deserves second chances, and we hope that he is successful and happy throughout his life. But we simply feel that he should not be allowed to play again, and be allowed to make outrageous sums of money. And we think it’s an absolute disgrace that Andy Reid and the Eagles’ owners have shown us that all that matters to them is winning – apparently at ANY cost. Forget whatever kind of message you send out to kids. “As long as you say you’re sorry, kids, then that excuses whatever heinous crime you may have committed.”

Hey, at least he didn’t bet on games. There’s NO excuse for that!


We’ve been hearing how these “Wise Latina” T-shirts, that recently have been the rage among Hispanic women in the wake of Sonia Sotomeyer’s election to the Supreme Court, have been causing controversy. They are apparently “racist” – somehow implying (?) that white males are dumb. Perhaps we ARE dumb white males, but we honestly fail to see how a shirt proclaiming pride (by simply saying “Wise Latina” and nothing more) somehow implies that someone else is dumb.

Are we missing something here? Or have people really become way too sensitive in this country, and all this “politically correct” nonsense been taken to ridiculous extremes? Apparently, being proud of yourself or your race, sex, nationality (etc) is somehow offensive to others. It seems like all a bunch of nonsense to us.