The Arrogance of Tony Hayward (Screed #32)

June 8, 2010…

We, here at The Federation, are absolutely appalled and infuriated by comments that BP CEO Tony Hayward made recently, saying “I would like my life back.” He wants his life back? From what? Having to deal with the colossal environmental disaster his company has caused, and the fact that they have no clue how to stop this Gulf oil spill, which is the worst in history? What about the eleven men who lost their lives working on your unsafe rig, Tony? What about all the fish and birds that are dying? What about hotels that are losing millions of dollars in tourism? What about the fishermen, along the coast, whose livelihoods this oil spill has all but permanently destroyed? How are they supposed to make a living and feed their families? What about the destruction to our already-shaky environment? And this rich, greedy, arrogant douchebag is whining about his life, and is tired of dealing with the problem? If that doesn’t take absolute gall! This must be taking him away from his country club golf game and vacationing on his yacht.  

Then on top of it, he claimed that the environmental impact of this spill, which will, in all likelihood, last until the fall, will be “very, very modest.” Is this man completely insane? It can be years, if not several decades (or perhaps ever) before things are back to normal in the Gulf coast. The brown pelican, who is already close to extinction, could be permanently wiped out forever because of this.

President Obama said yesterday that Hayward’s comments should have gotten him fired by now. Many are calling for his resignation. There is also talk of looking into the possibility of bringing criminal charges against BP, who are “recurring environmental criminals,” according to a former EPA lawyer.

In 1999 BP pleaded guilty to illegal dumping at an offshore drilling field in Alaska. Less than a year later, employees complained to an independent arbitrator that BP was letting equipment and critical safety systems languish at its Greater Prudhoe Bay drilling field. Experts’ reports stated that “unacceptable” maintenance backlogs ballooned as BP tried to sustain profits despite decling production. All of this created deep mistrust among its employees that the company was acting responsibly.

Every person in this country should ban BP. Tony Hayward should be sent packing, and if he is found to have deliberately acted negligently, he should be brought up on criminal charges, as well as anyone else who is responsible. BP’s doors should be closed forever. They are clearly only looking out for their own best interests, at the expense of everyone else on the planet. The government has stated that BP will be responsible for reimbursing all the people in the Gulf who are being affected by this spill.

We also read BP plans on giving their stockholders millions in bonuses, and are spending a fortune in trying to repair their image. Here’s an idea: why don’t you stop the oil spill, first off, and clean up the colossal mess you have caused? Then take care of all the people out of work now, because of you. That might go a long way towards fixing your precious image. Clearly, your money and your image are all that matter to you though.   

This whole mess also shows that oil companies should stop drilling under the sea if they have no safety plans set in place to avoid disasters like this from happening. We’re sure that BP isn’t the only greedy, reckless oil company out there, either, causing harm to our planet, just to keep their stockholders rich and happy.    

James Cowan, Jr., a fisheries ecologist at Louisiana State University, said that with the ecosystem already distressed, “We are concerned it may be at a tipping point.” But why should any of us worry? Tony Hayward clearly isn’t. Not as long as his stocks are doing well and he keeps making his millions.