“Tables Reversed”

Written July 27, 2016…


When this whole insane election started over a year ago, it was basically expected that it would end with Hillary Clinton going up against Jeb Bush in the general election, as they were the two overwhelming establishment favorites to win. Nobody ever expected Donald Trump, and, especially Bernie Sanders, to do as well as they did. It was expected that this would be an election a lot like many past elections.

Of course, we all know that Jeb’s run for the presidency fizzled pretty quickly, despite all the money that was raised for his campaign. The Republican Party finally abandoned him and moved on to candidates like Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, who also fizzled out. They had no choice but to get behind Donald Trump, since he won the nomination fair and square.

Now let’s imagine this alternate-universe scenario: Despite Jeb struggling, the Republican Party wants him to win so badly that Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the RNC, do everything they can to rig and cheat the primaries to ensure that Jeb “beats” Trump, and becomes the fraudulent nominee of the Party, against the will of the majority of Republican voters. Imagine also that Fox News does everything it can to give the illusion that Jeb is doing much better than he actually is, and they barely mention the election fraud, if at all. They also barely mention Trump, despite him getting huge crowds at his rallies, while Jeb is struggling to fill up high school gymnasiums. Then let’s throw into the mix WikiLeaks releasing tens of thousands of emails proving that McConnell, the RNC and Fox News, conspired with Jeb to keep Trump from having any possible chance of beating him. There is also thousands of pieces of documented proof that show blatant election fraud taking place in state after state.

Now, let’s think about what the responses would be from the Left. What do you think the liberal media (and Rachel Maddow, expecially) would be saying? How do you think the President would respond? What would be the reaction of the entire Democratic Party? What would Hillary Clinton and all of her supporters be saying in response to the blatant rigging and cheating?

It’s 110% guaranteed that MSNBC and CNN would be covering it 24/7 on all their news programs. The President and the entire Democratic Party would be rightly condemning the Republicans for being un-democratic and being a corrupt, cheating party that must be stopped at all costs. Hillary Clinton and her supporters would certainly be calling it out and demanding that McConnell and everyone involved be brought up on charges of election fraud. We would be told over and over how horrible the Republicans are, and how little they care about democracy and fair elections. They would demand that Jeb Bush be disqualified from contention, and the Democrats would talk about how much better they are than those evil Republicans.

If this really happened, they would be justified in making all of those statements.

Now let’s look at the actual reality, shall we? It’s Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the liberal media, who have conspired to keep Bernie Sanders from winning an election that he clearly should have won. There has been almost no talk about it on MSNBC or CNN. Rachel Maddow has barely mentioned it over the months, if at all. The President has said nothing on the subject. The only one who seems to acknowledge it is Donald Trump and Fox News. But there are websites and, of course, the WikiLeaks emails that prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this Democratic election was nothing more than a fraudulent coup, worthy of countries whose governments we look down on as being illegitimate and un-democratic.

We are constantly hearing about how the Republican Party is always trying to keep people from voting, yet the Clinton camp did everything they could to keep voter turnout low, knowing it would benefit her and keep a good majority of Bernie’s supporters from voting. It was a totally Republican-esque way of rigging the election in her favor. And it worked.

So now that Hillary Clinton was fraudulently installed as the Democratic nominee yesterday, progressive liberals will be bullied mercilessly. from now until November, with the argument that we “have” to vote for Clinton and the Democrats in order to save us from the hell that surely awaits our nation if a racist buffoon like Trump and the Republicans make it into office. Talk of election fraud is not to be allowed. No discussion of voting for the Green Party is to be tolerated. The argument that Bernie clearly would have won the general election is to be dismissed out of hand, despite his much better numbers in the polls against Trump. The only thing that matters is a phony showing of “unity” and pretending that democracy actually means something. We are told that Trump will destroy democracy forever and cause the end of civilization as we know it. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Frankly, I fear Clinton much more than I fear Trump, due to her doing all the horrible things that he only talks about doing.

But my question is: If the Democrats save us from the Republicans, who will save us from the Democrats?


“Clinton Privilege”

Written July 7, 2016…

You got to love how Clinton supporters (or perhaps a better word for them is Clinton apologists) keep trying to say that, because she wasn’t indicted, that somehow that proves that she is innocent and this was just another “right wing conspiracy.”

It doesn’t seem to matter one bit to them that many people have gotten convicted and jailed, in similar situations, on far less evidence. And usually they were  whistleblowers, doing what they did for altruistic reasons, like trying to uncover criminal acts committed by our government (ie: Sterling, Snowden, etc). Even those whose reasons were less than noble, the fact remains that they were indicted and convicted on far less evidence than what the FBI had on Clinton. Some have been convicted on zero evidence, in fact.

It doesn’t matter to them that the FBI and CIA both stated, in no uncertain terms, that anybody else would have lost their security clearance and/or been jailed… and that she most certainly put the country at risk and displayed reckless behavior in her actions.

These are the same people who scream everyday about how the entire government is corrupt (but apparently Hillary is the lone exception??). They scream and yell (and rightly so) about the injustices that happen everyday in America involving poor people (especially African-Americans) getting jailed and/or killed by police officers over bullshit reasons, but then make allowances and excuses when it comes to Hillary Clinton, who has committed far worse crimes… and has benefited from “white privilege” more than anyone else in our nation’s history. What do you think her chances would be of getting indicted if she was a young, black male, and her sole crime was selling an ounce of weed or a loose cigarette on the street? What do you think her chances would be of it quickly escalating into a fatality, like the ones that have taken place over the last couple of days in Louisiana and Minnesota? It’s almost a certainty.

They complain (and rightly so) over the excessive gun violence in our country, but then see no hypocrisy in supporting someone who claims she will be tough on gun control, as she supports drone warfare, and selling weapons to other countries, as well as being in favor of misguided wars and regime changes. So I guess it’s acceptable if thousands of our young soldiers get killed, or innocent civilians in other countries, but not everyday Americans? As long as she admits she was wrong about voting for war, then that makes it all okay… even as she gears us up for future endless wars?

They worry (and rightly so) about terrorists and hostile enemies attacking us, and/or stealing top secret information. But if it’s Hillary Clinton, who has allowed national security to be breached, then it’s not so important to them, because she simply “made a mistake.” And what about if it turns out that Russia and China did get access to her classified emails (which is almost a certainty)… is that still okay?

Thanks to Comey, there will be no consequences for Clinton’s reckless behavior and actions… and it sets a very dangerous precedent moving forward. But her supporters just seem to see everything in terms of “right wing conspiracy,” and refuse to see it for anything else.

The fact that she didn’t get indicted is no actual reason to be cheering for this woman. How was she “exonerated” when both the CIA and FBI both said she displayed gross negligence, put the country at risk, destroyed government property, obstructed justice, set up a private email server in her basement (which was never allowed, and despite constant warnings that it would jeopardize national security), committed perjury (saying she never once sent classified info over the server, when she most certainly did), most definitely got hacked into by our enemies, and, once again, showed horrible judgement in her decision-making?? Not to mention Bill Clinton meeting with the Attorney General handling the case, one day before his wife is about to be questioned by the FBI… which is extremely unethical… as are most of the things Bill Clinton does.

Hillary Clinton not only benefits greatly from “white privilege” and “wealth privilege,” she also benefits from “Clinton privilege,” where no amount of evidence and proof ever seems quite enough to put her and her husband behind bars, despite putting many others behind bars that face similar charges.

Just because she wasn’t indicted does not change the fact that she put our entire nation at risk. But apparently those things are not important, because she said she was “sorry.” Remember to use that excuse if you ever face criminal charges… and see where that gets you. Chances are good your situation won’t work out nearly as well.