Get Ready for the Gaslighting to Commence

Written July 23, 2017…

We already know what to expect over the next three years from the Democratic Party, die-hard Democratic voters and the neoliberal mainstream media.

If Kamala Harris does indeed become the Chosen One that the Democratic Party gets behind, and progressive voters aren’t willing to vote for her, we will not only be called sexists next time, but racists as well. It doesn’t matter if most of us voted for Obama and/or Jill Stein. We didn’t vote for Hillary, so that automatically makes us sexist – and because Kamala is also black, then we will be called racist, as well. Many progressives would probably be willing to vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Nina Turner, but that still doesn’t matter. If you don’t vote for the Clintonites’ chosen woman or person of color, then you are labeled sexist and/or racist. It doesn’t matter that many of us would be proud to call someone like Tulsi or Nina the first woman president – the Dems don’t want those two women anywhere near the White House, so they pretend like they are not really women, and, in Nina’s case, black, as well. Just like they pretended that Jill Stein wasn’t really a woman that you voted for last time, which totally negated their argument that you are “sexist.” The person has to be who they decide you should vote for – not who you decide to vote for.

We also know they will accuse us of secretly supporting Trump and his horrible policies, if we are not willing to vote for anything that may stop him. Never mind that voting for anything was what put him into power in the first place.

All of this is gaslighting and manipulation at its finest. It’s also complete bullshit.

Look, I don’t know Kamala Harris. She seems to be a nice lady, very intelligent, and I even agree with her on certain issues, but I also know she is corrupt, and I refuse to vote for any more pro-war/pro-corporate establishment status quo choices. I just differ on too many important issues to simply bite my tongue and vote for them, simply because Donald Trump will be the opposition. Kamala Harris is just Obama 2.0 meets Hillary 2.0. That might have been acceptable several years ago, but that now is just everything we don’t need. That is exactly the type of “lesser evil” candidate that has lead us to the dire situation we now find ourselves in. We need to stop with these horrible “lesser evil” choices. There is no such thing as a “lesser” evil. Evil is an absolute. Period.

To be absolutely fair, I will try to keep an open mind about this candidate, but I would have to say that my chances of voting for her in 2020 are extremely slim to none. And someone trying to shame me or gaslight me into voting for her will not get me to change my mind if I decide she is simply not someone I can get behind. If they tell me that it will be, once again, my fault if Trump wins, I will say it’s their fault for not pushing for a candidate that all of us could be happy with and rally behind. If Tulsi Gabbard or Nina Turner was the Democratic choice, there is a far greater chance of people who don’t vote Democrat rallying behind them. But you push someone like Kamala Harris, and you are guaranteeing that millions of progressive voters will either stay home again, or take their vote to a third party candidate.

I would love to see this nation’s first woman president. I would love to see a black woman president. I will not, however, just vote for any horrible choice simply because of their race or gender. I don’t vote for candidates simply because they are white and male, and I am not going to vote for them simply because they are black and female. That is identity politics at its worst. Horrible policies don’t suddenly become better because you have a black woman pushing them.

Kamala Harris is not the answer to our problems. She is just another problem. And she will almost certainly guarantee an extra four years of Trump. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – again.