The Fall of Rush Limbaugh (Screed #44)

March 6, 2012…

We could not be happier than to finally see conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh’s imminent collapse. This right-wing buffoon finally went too far. As everyone knows by now, Rush personally attacked college student Sandra Fluke for three straight days last week on his radio show, calling her a “slut,” “prostitute” and “feminazi,” and then saying that she should post her “sex videos” online. He also stated that she must be “having so much sex that it’s amazing she can still walk.” All of this bashing was based on nothing more than Miss Fluke testifying before Democratic members of the House of Representatives in this whole contraception/insurance debate that has got Republicans and Democrats deeply divided and which probably keeps Rick Santorum awake most evenings while reading his Bible.

Miss Fluke never even mentioned the word sex. It’s all in Rush’s perverted little mind. His words were, as usual for him, reprehensible and disgusting. Now, because of his repeated attacks on this young law student, and his lame excuse of an “apology” over the weekend, 12 advertisers (and counting) have since pulled their ads from his top-rated show. You know he only apologized to save his own ass, and all it has done is make everything worse.

Limbaugh has now got the young women in this country up in arms, and rightly so. He didn’t just attack one person – he inadvertently attacked every single woman Fluke’s age. He assumed that because this woman (and millions like her) wants access to affordable contraception and preventive health care, that, somehow, that means that she must be out having sex every evening, and, therefore, be some kind of slut. He then made things worse by saying that her parents are probably ashamed of her. Now he is trying to defend his reasoning behind the attack, by claiming that the liberals had “caused” him to say those things (the whole “devil made me do it” excuse), and that he should have never used those two words: “slut” and “prostitute.” Therefore, what he’s really saying is that he still thinks she is a slut and a prostitute, but he should have simply used nicer words to describe her. This man needs to stop “apologizing” – he just keeps inserting his foot deeper into his big mouth.

Republicans are apparently so afraid of Mr. Limbaugh (according to George Will) that only John McCain and Ron Paul have had the guts to come out and completely denounce Rush’s words and actions. Mitt Romney proved what a coward he is by saying he “wouldn’t have used language like that” to describe Miss Fluke – so, therefore, he also must think she’s a slut and a prostitute, but wouldn’t actually come out and call her those things the way Rush did. Totally reprehensible, but not surprising though. There are still a lot of older men who still think any single woman out having sex to be some kind of a slut.

Rush tried to say that he never meant this to be a personal attack, and that it was simply an “outburst” against his better judgement and moral fiber. First off, this was absolutely a personal attack. Fluke should sue Limbaugh for libel – for that is exactly what it was. Secondly, this was not an “outburst” but a sustained three day assault on the woman. Plus, as we all know, Rush has no morals and has spent his entire radio career bashing and attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with him. This is not just some one-time occurrence. It’s just that, this time, he attacked an average citizen and without any justifiable provocation.

This is a man who spent years bashing drug dealers and addicts, and then was found to be a longtime oxycodone addict himself. Talk about hypocrisy! Now, he’s finally starting to reap just what he has sowed all these years. He’s one of the main reasons why we have lowered ourselves, inAmerica, to constant mudslinging when it comes to political discourse. He has viciously attacked hundreds of people over the years – all in the name of “humor” (as he tried to claim his attack on Fluke was) and ratings. It worked for a long time, but now the tides are shifting. As more and more sponsors pull out of his show, and listeners finally decide they have had enough of his blowhard rhetoric, Rush will be forced off the airwaves. Every woman (and man) inAmericashould be demanding that he be taken off.

Goodbye Rush, you old douchebag. Don’t let the door hit you in your fat ass on the way out.