Which Road Do We Choose?

Written Jan. 28, 2017…


We can either go down 2 roads over the next 4 years:

We can finally realize that, if you are a real progressive (for lack of a better term), then it is time to finally move on once and for all from the Democratic Party and build a true alternative movement that will return power to the people.

Or you can just go running back to the party and vote for any candidate they put up… even if that candidate is the one that led to Donald Trump winning in the first place. You can allow yourself to continue to be manipulated by a corporate-owned, corrupt, warmongering party that does not give a shit about you, but only cares about your vote. But because they talk nicer than Trump, you “feel” better about them. Never mind that their policies may be very much the same on too many big issues (war, Wall Street, fracking, etc). People want the illusion of safety, even if it’s all just a complete sham.

My guess is that the Democrats will continue to do absolutely nothing to reform and make themselves into the party they once were. They will simply put up another corporate, warmongering, corrupt shill, and hope that you will be so freaked out by Trump (because the dishonest corporate media will catastrophize everything he does) that you will vote for anybody to beat him… even if that person is only “better” on the surface, but the same underneath (which I thought Hillary Clinton was). They will spend the next 4 years trying to, once again, bully you, gaslight you and manipulate you, and then blame you if you don’t vote for their next horrible candidate. They will scream, “Look at what Trump is doing!,” even if some of those actions are the exact same thing as what Barack Obama did.

Obama deported millions of people, bombed 7 countries, increased the NSA’s ability to spy on all of us, got rid of habeas corpus, and went after whistleblowers. But because he was a nicer guy than Trump, and didn’t talk crazy like him, then somehow that makes it different?

It amazes me that we are now almost at the point where half the entire voting population in this country is listed as “independent,” yet how many of them still keep voting either Democrat or Republican? How long before we finally break free from both horrible parties once and for all? How long before we finally start holding all candidates (even the ones we like) accountable for their actions, and stop just making excuses for them?

If the Democrats put up someone like Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard, then I might be talked into coming back to the party – but not if they are going to put up a corporate shill candidate to run against them, and then just rig the entire primary again, like they did with Bernie Sanders. But if it’s Hillary Clinton (god forbid), Cory Booker or Keith Ellison who is their choice, then I’m sorry, but I’m not falling for that “corporate shill posing as a progressive,” identity politics bullshit. I’m done with that nonsense forever. We had eight years of that. I mean, yes, I’d rather see Ellison in office than Trump, but I refuse to just vote for “anybody who isn’t Trump.” And Ellison has been pushing hard for “no-fly zones” in Syria, which will lead to all-out war with Russia. Does that sound “better” to you? That’s what Clinton pushed for. That’s what Trump is now pushing for. They are all the same in the end. Would you prefer your nuclear war with a Democratic twist of lime, or Republican?

The Democrats are not going to put up Turner or Gabbard, though. Progressives are not going to take back the party, no matter what people like Bernie or Cenk Uygur think. It’s delusional thinking. The establishment will not give up its power to people who want to take that power away. The party is owned and controlled by the same Deep State “shadow government” that owns and controls the Republican Party. But many people are still under the illusion that they are somehow different. They’re not.

You think it’s an accident that we got to a place where the 2 most hated candidates ever were your only real “choices”? It’s that same failed “lesser of 2 evils” strategy that hasn’t worked in forever.

People who never paid any attention to what was going on the past several years are suddenly up in arms over Trump doing some of the same things that Obama did. It took someone like Trump to finally wake them up. Well, hooray! But are they going to stay awake once Trump is gone, or are they just going to vote another Democrat in come 2020, and then go back to sleep under the false illusion that we are “safe” again? If we do that, then this Trump presidency will have taught us nothing.

We need to not just fight Trump for the next four years, but the entire corrupt system on both sides. We need to stop allowing them to lie to us, manipulate us and bully us. We need to stop falling for that “good cop/bad cop” routine that Democrats and Republicans play with us. We need to finally say “enough is enough” and hold strong to our convictions and beliefs. If not, then they will continue to have all the power.