Words vs. Actions

Neoliberal comedian Bill Maher tried to school the great Dr. Cornel West recently on whether black people would be better off with Hillary Clinton as President than under Donald Trump, when it comes to being unarmed and getting shot by racist cops… who then don’t go to jail for their crimes.

You do realize, Bill, that this was going on under a black president?? If Obama couldn’t stop it, what makes you think Clinton would have done any better??? Her and her husband passed policies that increased mass incarceration tenfold. Who suffered overwhelmingly by those policies? Black people.

So spare me with your ignorant argument. Dr. West wasn’t buying that bullshit, and neither should anyone else.

You are talking about how Trump is in favor of cops doing whatever the hell they want, which is true, but Hillary (great liberal that she is) made a speech (oooooh), denouncing these actions by cops. But as Dr. West pointed out, “Hillary gave speeches about a whole lot of stuff… but there wasn’t a whole lot of integrity in it, though.” Of course, Maher just sat there and did everything he could to shill for Clinton, as he always does. He loves gaslight and shame anyone who refuses to vote for a warmongering neoliberal criminal.

For fake “liberals” like Maher, saying nice things is as good as actually doing them. It doesn’t actually matter what your actions are… just as long as you give feel-good speeches. Clinton… Trump… neither one was going to do a damn thing to stop police violence. The only difference is, Clinton would say some harsh words about it, and Trump would say he was in favor of it.

Either way, innocent black people will still keep getting killed by racist cops, regardless of which party is in power. And those racist cops will still get off scot-free. Until we demand that our leaders actually do something about this problem, they can make all the harshly worded speeches they want. If there are no actions to back it up, then the words aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Which Road Do We Choose?

Written Jan. 28, 2017…


We can either go down 2 roads over the next 4 years:

We can finally realize that, if you are a real progressive (for lack of a better term), then it is time to finally move on once and for all from the Democratic Party and build a true alternative movement that will return power to the people.

Or you can just go running back to the party and vote for any candidate they put up… even if that candidate is the one that led to Donald Trump winning in the first place. You can allow yourself to continue to be manipulated by a corporate-owned, corrupt, warmongering party that does not give a shit about you, but only cares about your vote. But because they talk nicer than Trump, you “feel” better about them. Never mind that their policies may be very much the same on too many big issues (war, Wall Street, fracking, etc). People want the illusion of safety, even if it’s all just a complete sham.

My guess is that the Democrats will continue to do absolutely nothing to reform and make themselves into the party they once were. They will simply put up another corporate, warmongering, corrupt shill, and hope that you will be so freaked out by Trump (because the dishonest corporate media will catastrophize everything he does) that you will vote for anybody to beat him… even if that person is only “better” on the surface, but the same underneath (which I thought Hillary Clinton was). They will spend the next 4 years trying to, once again, bully you, gaslight you and manipulate you, and then blame you if you don’t vote for their next horrible candidate. They will scream, “Look at what Trump is doing!,” even if some of those actions are the exact same thing as what Barack Obama did.

Obama deported millions of people, bombed 7 countries, increased the NSA’s ability to spy on all of us, got rid of habeas corpus, and went after whistleblowers. But because he was a nicer guy than Trump, and didn’t talk crazy like him, then somehow that makes it different?

It amazes me that we are now almost at the point where half the entire voting population in this country is listed as “independent,” yet how many of them still keep voting either Democrat or Republican? How long before we finally break free from both horrible parties once and for all? How long before we finally start holding all candidates (even the ones we like) accountable for their actions, and stop just making excuses for them?

If the Democrats put up someone like Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard, then I might be talked into coming back to the party – but not if they are going to put up a corporate shill candidate to run against them, and then just rig the entire primary again, like they did with Bernie Sanders. But if it’s Hillary Clinton (god forbid), Cory Booker or Keith Ellison who is their choice, then I’m sorry, but I’m not falling for that “corporate shill posing as a progressive,” identity politics bullshit. I’m done with that nonsense forever. We had eight years of that. I mean, yes, I’d rather see Ellison in office than Trump, but I refuse to just vote for “anybody who isn’t Trump.” And Ellison has been pushing hard for “no-fly zones” in Syria, which will lead to all-out war with Russia. Does that sound “better” to you? That’s what Clinton pushed for. That’s what Trump is now pushing for. They are all the same in the end. Would you prefer your nuclear war with a Democratic twist of lime, or Republican?

The Democrats are not going to put up Turner or Gabbard, though. Progressives are not going to take back the party, no matter what people like Bernie or Cenk Uygur think. It’s delusional thinking. The establishment will not give up its power to people who want to take that power away. The party is owned and controlled by the same Deep State “shadow government” that owns and controls the Republican Party. But many people are still under the illusion that they are somehow different. They’re not.

You think it’s an accident that we got to a place where the 2 most hated candidates ever were your only real “choices”? It’s that same failed “lesser of 2 evils” strategy that hasn’t worked in forever.

People who never paid any attention to what was going on the past several years are suddenly up in arms over Trump doing some of the same things that Obama did. It took someone like Trump to finally wake them up. Well, hooray! But are they going to stay awake once Trump is gone, or are they just going to vote another Democrat in come 2020, and then go back to sleep under the false illusion that we are “safe” again? If we do that, then this Trump presidency will have taught us nothing.

We need to not just fight Trump for the next four years, but the entire corrupt system on both sides. We need to stop allowing them to lie to us, manipulate us and bully us. We need to stop falling for that “good cop/bad cop” routine that Democrats and Republicans play with us. We need to finally say “enough is enough” and hold strong to our convictions and beliefs. If not, then they will continue to have all the power.

Nobody Owes You a Vote

Written Sept. 24, 2016…

It infuriates me how Hillary Clinton and her supporters are pissed at, and trying to shame and bully, millennials for not supporting her. As if they owe her a vote. Millennials are only the latest group to be shamed and bullied for their refusal to line up behind Clinton.  “Bernie or Bust” voters have also been shamed, as well as Jill Stein supporters. Why don’t they go after the millions of Americans who won’t vote at all in this election, if they want to be mad at someone?

What do people not get that nobody has to vote for anyone they don’t want to vote for? You can’t make them like you. You can’t make them vote for you. Even if you think they hate you for invalid reasons, the fact remains – they have a right to hate you if they choose. Just like we can’t force someone to fall in love with us, no matter how much we might hope. I can’t make anyone like me or trust me if they don’t. People can hate me for this article if they want, and that is their right. If they respond to this and tell me I am completely wrong, that is also their prerogative.

I wish millions of liberals had voted for Bernie instead of Hillary. But if they chose not to, then that was their right. I wish every single Bernie supporter would now vote for Jill Stein, as I think she would have just as much chance of winning as if Bernie would have had. But again, I can’t force anyone to vote for her. And to say that you must vote for one candidate, so that the other candidate doesn’t win, is a ridiculous argument to make. Who are you to tell me that I must vote for someone I don’t want, like, or trust, just because their opponent may or may not be worse? I’m sure some people will miss the point of this article completely and comment, “If Trump wins, let it be on your head.” So be it.

If millions of people hate you, it can’t all be just some huge misunderstanding. When more than half the country doesn’t trust Clinton, there’s a good reason. You know that old saying, “Where there’s smoke… there’s fire.” It can’t just be blamed on a “vast right wing conspiracy.” Especially when you see Republican after Republican lining up to support her now. Don’t think for a second that it’s only because they simply don’t want Trump. They are lining up behind her because her war hawk views are perfectly in line with their own.

I love how, when you say you are going to vote your conscience, people actually get mad at that… and accuse you of being the “selfish” one because it’s gonna be your fault if Trump wins. They tell you that you have to put away your convictions and beliefs, and get in line behind Clinton, and that if you don’t, you are voting out of “white privilege” and/or “heterosexual privilege.” First off, not only do I not have to put my convictions aside, but I refuse to do so. I am not going to sacrifice my lifelong principles just to make sure Trump doesn’t become President. Secondly, there are more and more people of color and/or homosexual persuasion who are turning away from Clinton everyday, so to hell with your shaming tactics. Most minorities have long realized that the Clintons not only were not on their side, but they did irreparable damage to them with their racist and anti-gay policies. She will most certainly return to supporting the horrendous TPP (which Trump strongly opposes), and she is already ramping up the anti-Russia, pro-war rhetoric that may very well lead to another Cold War and possibly World War III. But I’m supposed to be so much more terrified of a racist, cartoon villain buffoon like Trump, who almost has no chance of actually winning anyhow, because of the fact that the corporate powers that actually run this country want Clinton to win. And they will make sure she wins – at any cost.

I vote my conscience. Always have, always will. If everybody did, we wouldn’t get stuck in these horrible situations where we are being told to constantly vote the “lesser of 2 evils.” The lesser of 2 evils is no better than the greater of 2 evils. Evil is evil. Period.

To hell with the lesser evil, many of us will be voting the greater good. And if Clinton supporters and anti-Trump supporters don’t like that, then that is their problem, not ours.

“The Problem of Partisan Thinking”

Written Aug. 20, 2016…


The problem these days is that we are becoming more and more partisan in our political views.

If we call ourselves a liberal, then we automatically make excuses for anything bad the Democratic Party does… and instantly dismiss anything coming from the Right as being some “right wing conspiracy” or “witch hunt” against a Democrat. If it’s a conservative news media site, we won’t even look at it to see if there is any validity in whatever they are saying. We don’t even take the time to check out bipartisan news media sites to see if there is any truth in what is being said.

If we are a conservative, we do the same thing in reverse… reject anything coming from the Left.

Too many Democrats will not actually look at the policies and actions of Hillary Clinton to see if they really do represent progressive liberal views. We don’t ask ourselves, “Is this something that I can agree with, and do her past actions actually coincide with what she is claiming she will do once in office?”

Never listen to any promises made by a candidate when they are running for office. Find out what they have already done in the past. That will give you a good idea of what they will do, going forward. Too many people hear her say she will do this and that, and just accept it at face value, without checking at her past record to see if that is actually what she has stood for. If she is saying she is now against the TPP, but then picking a VP who is pro-TPP and picking other people to help with her election that are pro-TPP, that really should give you cause for concern, and tell you where she really stands on the issue.

The problem also is that we hear what Donald Trump says, and it scares us so much that we don’t even care what Clinton says. We are just willing to vote for her out of hand, because “she’s got to be better than Trump.” Well, he just says crazy things that he MIGHT do in office, but will more than likely never get away with. She actually has done some of those things in the past, and will more than likely do them again. But she talks more intelligently and puts a nicer spin on it, so we “trust” her more than we do him.

Don’t be fooled by this!

Getting you frightened of Trump so much that you will run out and vote for Clinton… even if you don’t like her… is exactly what they are banking on, and exactly the strategy they have employed all along.

It’s sickening that if you are a liberal, and actually have grave concerns about Hillary’s record, you are either labeled a “sexist” or a “Trump supporter.” If you choose not to vote for Clinton, because she does not stand for the same things you stand for, you are accused of “helping Trump win” if you vote for Jill Stein. It’s pure manipulation tactics. They are trying to bully you and shame you into voting for someone you don’t want, don’t trust, don’t like and don’t want to vote for, instead of the candidate that actually represents your beliefs. No matter what you say, they will just instantly dismiss you and condemn you. And the ironic part of it is that they try to dismiss you as being a liberal, when you may actually be ten times more liberal than Hillary Clinton has ever been. They also ridicule you for having convictions. They want you to sell out your convictions and beliefs just to make sure Trump doesn’t win. And what happens in 2020 when there is a new Trump bogeyman that is running for the Republican nomination? You will be told, once again, that you have to put aside your convictions and be willing to “compromise” in order to make sure a Democrat you don’t want gets into office.

I consider myself a progressive liberal. But really, we need to stop with all these labels. It keeps us from really looking at the truth of the matter.

There has been tons of racist-based criticisms of Barack Obama. He is the first black President, and some people in this country truly hate that. But does that mean that any criticism of him is to be rejected out of hand, or labeled “racist”? Am I not allowed, as a progressive liberal, to have genuine criticisms about him? I proudly voted for him twice. I have liked some things he has done. I like him as a person. But he HAS done many things that I have strongly disagreed with. He is NOT as progressively liberal as I would like. He is a neoliberal, and has done things that we, on the Left, would never accept if it was coming from a Republican… and, in fact, are Republican-type actions. I find his determination to pass the TPP to be absolutely horrifying. As a progressive liberal, I am appalled at this horrible “trade” deal, and what it will do to the internet, our environment, domestic jobs, etc. I find it to be very much something a Republican would pass. So yes, I am damn well going to criticize him for it. And I don’t give a damn if he is black, white, Asian or an Eskimo. I don’t care what his color is, or his religion, or anything else about him. A bad deal is a bad deal.

There has also been a lot of sexism in our country’s past. But I reject any claims that I don’t want Hillary Clinton as my president because I am “sexist.” I WILL be voting for a woman in this election. It simply won’t be THIS woman. There is almost nothing about this person (regardless of what sex she is) that I like or trust or agree with. I don’t find her very “liberal.” She is extremely hawkish (in a totally Republican kind of way), and she has been involved in a lot of corruption. If you refuse to see that, simply because you want a woman president, then it looks like you are the “sexist,” not me. I am perfectly able to see her for what she is. I really don’t care if she is a woman. That is not even any kind of a factor for why I refuse to vote for her. It’s her actions and words that keep me from voting for her.

Ask yourself this: If Barack Obama was a white man, would you be more inclined to criticize him for things you don’t agree with? If Hillary Clinton was a man, or a Republican, would you still be sticking by “him,” or would you call him out for what he actually is? Or if the last name wasn’t Clinton, would you look at her in a different light?

Too many people are brainwashed in this country into thinking everyone on the Right is bad, and everyone on the Left is good (or vice versa, if you are a conservative voter). I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. If some people want to say I am not a true liberal, simply because I’m not a Democrat, then so be it. I don’t really care what you label me. I know where I stand on issues. Some people simply have tunnel vision and cannot think outside the box. They believe voting for a third party candidate is “throwing your vote away” or “helping the enemy,” simply because they have been brainwashed into thinking that way by the 2 major parties, and by the media. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking patterns. We need to break out of this horrible “vote the lesser of 2 evils” way of thinking that has never done us any good.

Ask yourself this: If you consider yourself a liberal, and you proudly proclaim yourself to be a lifelong Democrat, what line in the sand does the Democratic Party have to cross to make you say, “No, this is not the Democratic Party anymore… and they no longer stand for what they used to stand for, and I cannot go along with it”?

Does a party that now stands for big business, Wall Street, the TPP, perpetual war, fracking, the fossil fuel industry, big money donors, (etc) actually sound like a liberal party to you??? Does that not actually sound like what the Republican Party used to stand for, before they went Tea Party crazy? If so, is that really okay with you that your own party no longer stands for the poor and Middle Class, except to pay empty lip service to them (because they know they need their vote)?? As an African-American, do you really feel the Democratic Party is looking out for your best interests?? And don’t answer that question, based on whether you think the Republicans are bad or not. We already know they are. But does that mean that anything the Democrats do is “okay” simply because it’s not quite as horrible as what the Republicans are doing?

I can’t stress this enough to people: Stop looking at everything through a partisan lens. Don’t just blindly vote for Clinton because you are scared of Trump. Don’t just vote for Trump simply because you hate Clinton. Actually look at the facts. Stop listening to MSNBC or Fox News or CNN, because they are all biased in their own ways towards one party or the other. Actually look at alternative news sources. Read foreign news articles about what happens in our country. Usually it will be more factual, because it won’t be partisan.

I hear so much misinformation out there. Like, I heard some Democrat repeat the same incorrect statement that the Green Party only runs for office every 4 years, and only for President. That is simply not true. They run for many different offices in America, and they don’t only run every 4 years. I also keep hearing that same tired lie that Ralph Nader is the reason why George W. Bush won the presidency. That is also not true. There were thousands of Democratic voters who actually voted for Bush. So Nader has been used as a scapegoat for Al Gore’s loss, and it’s simply not warranted. People are too lazy to actually go find out the truth.

We need to stop looking at everything that happens in America through a distorted, partisan lens. It’s the reason why we are now in the mess we are in, with 2 candidates that most of America does not trust, like or want. Shame on all of us.



“Feeling Burned”

Written Aug. 7, 2016…

I realize that threats were more than likely made against him, and perhaps there is no way to defeat such a powerful and corrupt candidate (and an entire corrupt party), but it still does not sit well with me that Bernie Sanders just abruptly seemed to give up and give in.

You can make all the excuses you want for him, but this was not just about him, it was about all of us. Millions of people, who gave their time, their heart, their soul and money they didn’t have, in order to get him elected, and he allowed Hillary Clinton and the DNC to blatantly steal it out from under him… and us.

Bernie is a great man in many ways, and I will always be grateful for what did to bring progressive ideas out into the light, and wake millions of us up. But he called for a “political revolution” and to see him now, not only endorsing her, but agreeing to campaign with her, as well as writing op-ed pieces urging all of us to vote for her, just because he feels Donald Trump is too much of a threat… that really is just very sad and pathetic. I would have expected much more from him, then to just be doing the same thing many others have done for decades: fear-mongering liberals into voting for candidates they don’t want, and who do not govern for the people, simply because the Republican candidate is too scary. We hear this election is just “too important” to allow Trump to become President. First off, we hear that in every election. Secondly, I think Clinton is even scarier than Trump. He just says scary words, she does scary deeds. She will sell us all down the river, and Bernie is sadly trying to lead us all down that horrible path.

He said months ago not to listen to him if he ever told us who to vote for. Well, it’s sad to see that some people will follow him, even though they despise Clinton. Bernie could have shown himself to be a true American hero by calling out the election fraud, and by not endorsing someone who cheated against him. I don’t care what pledge he made earlier in the race. Election fraud should never be rewarded with an endorsement. It means he is now complicit in this.

I don’t think he is acting out of any malicious intent, and maybe he truly thinks he is doing the right thing, but I strongly disagree with his decision. He has legitimized a candidate that did nothing to deserve it. He legitimized a party that showed itself to be deliberately conspiring against him. He keeps wanting to change the entire system. But how the hell can we do that, Mr. Sanders, if you are not willing to stand up against that very system? If they keep rigging every election, and nobody calls it out, then they control who gets elected and who doesn’t. Bernie never once called out the fact that we are using voting machines that have been banned all over Europe for being easy to hack and manipulate. We have overwhelming evidence that there was deliberate cheating and rigging and voter suppression. If Bernie wanted to lead a true political revolution, than he absolutely needed to stand up against these matters. Especially when reports show that he actually would have won this election by a landslide. It looks like Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party will be the one to carry on the true revolution, as there can be no real change if it’s coming from a Democratic Party that does not act in good faith, and actively conspires against its own constituents.

I’m sorry if any Bernie supporter gets upset with me for saying this, and I certainly take no pleasure in saying it, but Bernie severely let us down. He let America down. And even if the DNC and the media destroyed him for calling out these matters, he damn well should have shown the bravery to do so regardless. Bad things happen when good people stay quiet. And Bernie has remained quiet. That’s the biggest tragedy of this entire election.

“Tables Reversed”

Written July 27, 2016…


When this whole insane election started over a year ago, it was basically expected that it would end with Hillary Clinton going up against Jeb Bush in the general election, as they were the two overwhelming establishment favorites to win. Nobody ever expected Donald Trump, and, especially Bernie Sanders, to do as well as they did. It was expected that this would be an election a lot like many past elections.

Of course, we all know that Jeb’s run for the presidency fizzled pretty quickly, despite all the money that was raised for his campaign. The Republican Party finally abandoned him and moved on to candidates like Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, who also fizzled out. They had no choice but to get behind Donald Trump, since he won the nomination fair and square.

Now let’s imagine this alternate-universe scenario: Despite Jeb struggling, the Republican Party wants him to win so badly that Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the RNC, do everything they can to rig and cheat the primaries to ensure that Jeb “beats” Trump, and becomes the fraudulent nominee of the Party, against the will of the majority of Republican voters. Imagine also that Fox News does everything it can to give the illusion that Jeb is doing much better than he actually is, and they barely mention the election fraud, if at all. They also barely mention Trump, despite him getting huge crowds at his rallies, while Jeb is struggling to fill up high school gymnasiums. Then let’s throw into the mix WikiLeaks releasing tens of thousands of emails proving that McConnell, the RNC and Fox News, conspired with Jeb to keep Trump from having any possible chance of beating him. There is also thousands of pieces of documented proof that show blatant election fraud taking place in state after state.

Now, let’s think about what the responses would be from the Left. What do you think the liberal media (and Rachel Maddow, expecially) would be saying? How do you think the President would respond? What would be the reaction of the entire Democratic Party? What would Hillary Clinton and all of her supporters be saying in response to the blatant rigging and cheating?

It’s 110% guaranteed that MSNBC and CNN would be covering it 24/7 on all their news programs. The President and the entire Democratic Party would be rightly condemning the Republicans for being un-democratic and being a corrupt, cheating party that must be stopped at all costs. Hillary Clinton and her supporters would certainly be calling it out and demanding that McConnell and everyone involved be brought up on charges of election fraud. We would be told over and over how horrible the Republicans are, and how little they care about democracy and fair elections. They would demand that Jeb Bush be disqualified from contention, and the Democrats would talk about how much better they are than those evil Republicans.

If this really happened, they would be justified in making all of those statements.

Now let’s look at the actual reality, shall we? It’s Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the liberal media, who have conspired to keep Bernie Sanders from winning an election that he clearly should have won. There has been almost no talk about it on MSNBC or CNN. Rachel Maddow has barely mentioned it over the months, if at all. The President has said nothing on the subject. The only one who seems to acknowledge it is Donald Trump and Fox News. But there are websites and, of course, the WikiLeaks emails that prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this Democratic election was nothing more than a fraudulent coup, worthy of countries whose governments we look down on as being illegitimate and un-democratic.

We are constantly hearing about how the Republican Party is always trying to keep people from voting, yet the Clinton camp did everything they could to keep voter turnout low, knowing it would benefit her and keep a good majority of Bernie’s supporters from voting. It was a totally Republican-esque way of rigging the election in her favor. And it worked.

So now that Hillary Clinton was fraudulently installed as the Democratic nominee yesterday, progressive liberals will be bullied mercilessly. from now until November, with the argument that we “have” to vote for Clinton and the Democrats in order to save us from the hell that surely awaits our nation if a racist buffoon like Trump and the Republicans make it into office. Talk of election fraud is not to be allowed. No discussion of voting for the Green Party is to be tolerated. The argument that Bernie clearly would have won the general election is to be dismissed out of hand, despite his much better numbers in the polls against Trump. The only thing that matters is a phony showing of “unity” and pretending that democracy actually means something. We are told that Trump will destroy democracy forever and cause the end of civilization as we know it. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Frankly, I fear Clinton much more than I fear Trump, due to her doing all the horrible things that he only talks about doing.

But my question is: If the Democrats save us from the Republicans, who will save us from the Democrats?

“Clinton Privilege”

Written July 7, 2016…

You got to love how Clinton supporters (or perhaps a better word for them is Clinton apologists) keep trying to say that, because she wasn’t indicted, that somehow that proves that she is innocent and this was just another “right wing conspiracy.”

It doesn’t seem to matter one bit to them that many people have gotten convicted and jailed, in similar situations, on far less evidence. And usually they were  whistleblowers, doing what they did for altruistic reasons, like trying to uncover criminal acts committed by our government (ie: Sterling, Snowden, etc). Even those whose reasons were less than noble, the fact remains that they were indicted and convicted on far less evidence than what the FBI had on Clinton. Some have been convicted on zero evidence, in fact.

It doesn’t matter to them that the FBI and CIA both stated, in no uncertain terms, that anybody else would have lost their security clearance and/or been jailed… and that she most certainly put the country at risk and displayed reckless behavior in her actions.

These are the same people who scream everyday about how the entire government is corrupt (but apparently Hillary is the lone exception??). They scream and yell (and rightly so) about the injustices that happen everyday in America involving poor people (especially African-Americans) getting jailed and/or killed by police officers over bullshit reasons, but then make allowances and excuses when it comes to Hillary Clinton, who has committed far worse crimes… and has benefited from “white privilege” more than anyone else in our nation’s history. What do you think her chances would be of getting indicted if she was a young, black male, and her sole crime was selling an ounce of weed or a loose cigarette on the street? What do you think her chances would be of it quickly escalating into a fatality, like the ones that have taken place over the last couple of days in Louisiana and Minnesota? It’s almost a certainty.

They complain (and rightly so) over the excessive gun violence in our country, but then see no hypocrisy in supporting someone who claims she will be tough on gun control, as she supports drone warfare, and selling weapons to other countries, as well as being in favor of misguided wars and regime changes. So I guess it’s acceptable if thousands of our young soldiers get killed, or innocent civilians in other countries, but not everyday Americans? As long as she admits she was wrong about voting for war, then that makes it all okay… even as she gears us up for future endless wars?

They worry (and rightly so) about terrorists and hostile enemies attacking us, and/or stealing top secret information. But if it’s Hillary Clinton, who has allowed national security to be breached, then it’s not so important to them, because she simply “made a mistake.” And what about if it turns out that Russia and China did get access to her classified emails (which is almost a certainty)… is that still okay?

Thanks to Comey, there will be no consequences for Clinton’s reckless behavior and actions… and it sets a very dangerous precedent moving forward. But her supporters just seem to see everything in terms of “right wing conspiracy,” and refuse to see it for anything else.

The fact that she didn’t get indicted is no actual reason to be cheering for this woman. How was she “exonerated” when both the CIA and FBI both said she displayed gross negligence, put the country at risk, destroyed government property, obstructed justice, set up a private email server in her basement (which was never allowed, and despite constant warnings that it would jeopardize national security), committed perjury (saying she never once sent classified info over the server, when she most certainly did), most definitely got hacked into by our enemies, and, once again, showed horrible judgement in her decision-making?? Not to mention Bill Clinton meeting with the Attorney General handling the case, one day before his wife is about to be questioned by the FBI… which is extremely unethical… as are most of the things Bill Clinton does.

Hillary Clinton not only benefits greatly from “white privilege” and “wealth privilege,” she also benefits from “Clinton privilege,” where no amount of evidence and proof ever seems quite enough to put her and her husband behind bars, despite putting many others behind bars that face similar charges.

Just because she wasn’t indicted does not change the fact that she put our entire nation at risk. But apparently those things are not important, because she said she was “sorry.” Remember to use that excuse if you ever face criminal charges… and see where that gets you. Chances are good your situation won’t work out nearly as well.

“Playing the Gender Card”

Written May 29, 2016…

A comment from a female fellow Bernie Sanders supporting friend of mine earlier, talking about how she was actually called “sexist” for merely stating a fact about Hillary Clinton, made me think about this accusation that keeps getting lobbed our way, with no actual evidence to back it up. And it gets lobbed at women just as much as men, which I find to be very strange. If a black person criticizes Obama, does that make them racist?
Let me say that I’m sure there are many people in this country who are not going to vote for Hillary simply because they don’t want a woman President. Just like there were many people who didn’t want Obama to be President simply for being black. If you chose to not vote for Hillary or Obama specifically because of their gender or race, then I have no respect for you.
But I resent getting accused of something I am not. I proudly voted twice for Obama. I was happy to see a black man become President, but I didn’t vote for him simply because he was black. I voted for him because I thought he would make a good President. He still had to earn my vote, though, just like anyone else. He’s done things I’ve liked but there are things he’s done that I have not agreed with nor liked. If I criticize him for those things, does that all of a sudden mean I am “racist”? Does it mean I am a “Republican troll”? The birthers that accuse him of being a Muslim foreigner, and blame him for everything that has ever taken place on the earth, more than likely are all racists and anti-Muslim. But criticizing him over an actual policy that you disagree with, is not because of him being black. And I would highly resent anyone accusing me of being racist because of that.
I have criticized Hillary quite a bit over the months, but it has been strictly because I don’t agree with a lot of things she has done or said, I don’t feel she is a true progressive liberal (at least not nearly liberal enough for my tastes), and I don’t trust her for many reasons. I think she is corrupt and a pathological liar. I frankly could not care less that she is a woman. I would accuse her of the same exact things if she was a man. But does pointing these things out make me “sexist”? I don’t believe it does. I have many of the same problems with her as dozens of women I know. Are they all sexist too? I know that they would love to see America have its first female President, just as I would. We just don’t want this particular woman to be the one. I would have gladly voted for Liz Warren. I might still vote for Jill Stein. But I refuse to vote for someone like Hillary Clinton, and I frankly don’t care what gender she is. I just think she is a horrible candidate. Period.
Using the “sexist” accusation against anyone who dares not to vote for her, or who criticizes her on actual policy issues, shows one of two things. First, that you think women should be treated differently than men. If you think they should not be criticized, I have to ask you why. Do you think women can’t handle criticism? If so, then it’s you that sounds like the “sexist” one, playing the gender card with anyone who dares not agree with a woman. But most of the time I think they are just using gender as a diversionary, manipulative tactic designed to discredit the person making the criticism. They don’t like what you’re saying about her, so they try to discredit you by calling you “sexist,” thus dismissing anything you said, and making sure nothing else you say after that will be taken seriously.
And if they don’t call you “sexist,” they accuse you of being a Trump supporter (like I was accused of being yesterday, despite the fact that I am obviously a Bernie supporter and despise Drumpf)… or they call you a “Republican troll.” They are all tactics meant to take heat off of the fact you have told an ugly truth about their candidate, and to discredit you. It’s highly manipulative but it can be an effective way to get others to also dismiss anything you’re saying.
I loathe anyone who would not vote for a candidate simply because they are a woman. But I also loathe anyone who would wantonly play the gender card to manipulatively discredit someone just because they have legitimately criticized your candidate of choice. If your candidate has done something heinous, don’t blame me, or make horrible, false accusations about me, in order to take the heat off of what your candidate did. I would never accuse someone of being anti-Semitic simply because they disagreed with a policy of Bernie’s. If I did, I would be engaging in the same odious behavior as they are. And that kind of disgusting behavior really needs to stop.


“Railing Against the System”

Written March 16, 2016…

It’s become more clear to me than ever just how thoroughly rotten our political system is. Corrupt, rigged, vile, deceitful and lacking in any morals or accountability. And the media is just as bad.

We seriously do need a political revolution in this country, because if you still believe we are living in a democracy you are suffering from cognitive dissonance or willful ignorance. This is now just an oligarchy that wants to control all of us and keep the status quo. And we are all to blame for letting this happen right in front of our eyes.

If I sound angry, you’re damn right I’m angry! Why aren’t you angry as well? And the next person who asks me why I refuse to vote for Hillary in November, I am ignoring your question. I have already explained myself more than enough times. If you didn’t get it, you never will. But I won’t be a part of this “shitstem.”

I won’t vote for someone who takes money from the very people that fucked all of us over in 2008. That’s just sick and twisted.

Wake up and realize both parties are corrupt and do not give a shit about you and I. There are obvious exceptions, of course, but overall the Democrats have liberals fooled into thinking they are better than the Republicans, but it’s mostly just smoke and mirrors.

You can vote for whoever you want, but I will never vote for someone I don’t believe in nor trust. And neither should you. That is why we are in the mess we are in.


“Saying No to the Status Quo”

Written Jan. 21, 2016…

I will not accept the status quo any longer in this country, and neither will millions of other people. Hence, movements like Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump doing so well in the polls. People who follow Trump are completely misguided and ridiculous, of course, but it shows how disillusioned with the Republican Party conservatives have become. On the Democratic side, Sanders has surged in the polls due to millions of liberals being fed up with the liberal establishment and the DNC.

People say Bernie is “pie in the sky.” I disagree. Bernie has been in politics for over forty years. He is not some wide-eyed kid just starting out. He has been through a lot and fought for a lot, including getting arrested for marching for civil rights in the early ‘60s. That took guts for a white person back then. He has been fighting against the establishment status quo all his life, voting for things that were considered career suicide, but he did it because it was the right thing to do. He didn’t give into cynicism or what was politically expedient at the moment.
There are a lot of people out there who mean well, and probably consider themselves liberal, but who don’t seem to want to see the boat get rocked too much. Maybe they simply like the idea of liberalism more than the actual reality. Or maybe they have too many scars from fighting for what was right over the years and have just become too cynical and disillusioned, and just want a more simple life now and are okay with the status quo… but I’m not. And neither is Bernie. Or millions of others. I’m a cynical person by nature but the passion that he and fellow supporters have shown have me excited again, and believing that something great is actually within grasp… if we allow it to happen and don’t give in to the fear and the cynicism. I want to see the good things that happened under President Obama be taken to a much greater level with the next president.
I have met some Bernie supporters who are about the most passionate people I have ever seen in my life, and it’s been a real eye-opener. It makes me realize we have been swallowing lies and garbage for too long in this country and we need to stop doing that. We were going in the right direction back in the ‘60s and then took some horrible turn along the way, and we’ve never gotten back on track. We have allowed greed and cynicism and money to control us as a nation. We have allowed racism to become perfectly acceptable again. We have allowed sexism to become normal again. And here we are having to re-fight all the same old battles again.
I’m sure there were plenty of black people, not to mention whites, who told Dr. Martin Luther King to just accept what little gains he had made and not try, or even hope, for anything better. That could get you killed. It was hard enough just to get to this point… don’t try to go any further. But he kept fighting for a better life for black people, as well as all people. It cost him his life but he never showed fear. It makes me wonder what more could have been achieved if his life hadn’t been cut short with a bullet. Bernie is one person who is trying to carry on his work and yet some people just think he is delusional, naive, angry, etc. They are perfectly willing to accept what little gains have been made and not hope for anything better. Well, I will gladly follow the candidate who is trying to fight the status quo establishment. I will back the candidate who wants to see super PACs gone from elections. No more big money politics, no more Wall Street ass-kissing, no more taking money from billionaires and Big Pharma and the insurance companies. No more special interests and shady deals in back rooms. No more Wall Street CEOs getting away with murder. If you are a politician you cannot take huge amounts of money from Goldman Sachs and others like them, and then claim you will be tough on them. If you believe that, then that is “pie in the sky” thinking and delusional.
When I hear Hillary supporters say that Bernie is “too angry,” all I can think is: Why aren’t you as angry as he is? Why is every person in this country not angry as hell? Are you okay with the 1% getting richer and richer, and the rest of us getting poorer? Are you okay with your rights slowly being taken away, little by little? Are you okay with politicians who make tons of promises and never come through on them? Are you okay with a Congress that gets paid big money to do absolutely nothing? Are you okay with Democrats doing things that you would never tolerate from any Republican? Shouldn’t you be holding your own candidates to a higher standard? If not, then why? Democrats have voted for horrible things like the TPP and the Patriot Act. They have voted in favor of the Iraq War, which was one of the biggest foreign policy blunders and embarrassments in our history. They have voted against gay marriage and gays in the military. They have voted for NAFTA. Well, Bernie Sanders didn’t vote for any of these horrible things. That should count for something. It certainly does for me. It’s not just where you are now on the issues, but where you have been in the past as well. Voting for the right thing is very easy when it’s politically expedient to do so. But where were they when it was not politically expedient? And believe me, if Bernie gets into office and keeps none of his promises, then he will be held accountable just like anyone else. He knows we will not let him off the hook or give him a free pass. But I also hope that Bernie supporters don’t turn on him the first time he has to make a compromise that we don’t agree with. No president is going to do everything that we like. And no president is infallible. I don’t expect him to be the Second Coming. That would be naïve. But obviously he needs better people in positions of power to help him with his plans, or it will be all for nothing. He also needs all of us to get more involved in the political process. As he always says, it’s not “when I become President” but “when WE become President.” We need to start throwing out all these establishment career politicians (regardless of what party they belong to) and start voting in people who actually want to make a real change.
I want a candidate who is looking out for the 99%… not the 1%. Voting for Democrats who are only slightly better than Republicans is not going to do us any good and not change a damn thing for the better. All you are doing is just trying to keep things from getting any worse. Is that really what you want??? Are you okay with settling for so little? Isn’t that what we have already been doing for decades? And how has that worked out for any of us?
We need to stop fooling ourselves and suffering from cognitive dissonance, thinking that the Democrats are all that different than Republicans. They sadly are not much better. The Democratic Party has been moving steadily more to the right over the years, and only seem “progressive” because the Republicans have gone completely batshit crazy into the extreme zone. But we need to start holding the Democrats to higher standards and stop accepting the status quo and mediocrity. We need to stop accepting the “lesser of 2 evils” and start demanding better.
I find it very interesting that establishment Democrats are all of a sudden coming out of the woodwork to go on TV and bash Bernie, in favor of Hillary. It reeks of desperation and pure cynicism, if you ask me. Look at her poll numbers and tell me that she isn’t growing more worried with each passing day. Tell me that some of these politicians aren’t hoping for Hillary to win, because they know it will be good for their own careers. And tell me also that Bernie can’t beat her when the same thing happened in 2008 with an unknown black senator that nobody thought stood a chance. Everyone said he would lose, he couldn’t possibly beat her, he would lose the general election, he couldn’t beat a war hero, etc. We all know how that turned out. And yet here we are, once again, hearing the same exact garbage from the same exact “experts.” But less and less people are swallowing it.
When people say that Bernie can’t win, I say bullshit. He is surging in the polls more and more each day. And now the attacks are starting on him. The man who is about the most respected politician in the country. The man who has never once ran a dirty campaign. But yet they are comparing him to communism and Trump and all kinds of ridiculous nonsense that is total garbage. They also say that he can’t possibly win a general election. They say that he is unelectable. Who says this? The so-called “political experts” who have gotten almost every single prediction wrong so far. Every poll shows Bernie doing better against Trump and other Republicans. Every poll shows him doing better with independents. And he has accomplished this with zero support from the media and the establishment. And yet they still keep pushing the lie that he can never win. Don’t believe it. They said Trump would be gone by now. He isn’t. They said Bernie would never beat Hillary, yet he has overtaken her in the polls in some states. He draws bigger crowds than anyone, and he has the most passionate, loyal supporters.
If you are perfectly okay with the status quo and mediocrity, then keep voting for the same corporate-loving, big money hacks. But not me. I have never voted for the “lesser of 2 evils” and I damn sure am not going to start now. Do I think Hillary would be a better president than Trump or Cruz? Of course I do. But I don’t think we should be voting for someone simply out of pure fear. I want better for America. And so should you. If not now, then when?

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