“Railing Against the System”

Written March 16, 2016…

It’s become more clear to me than ever just how thoroughly rotten our political system is. Corrupt, rigged, vile, deceitful and lacking in any morals or accountability. And the media is just as bad.

We seriously do need a political revolution in this country, because if you still believe we are living in a democracy you are suffering from cognitive dissonance or willful ignorance. This is now just an oligarchy that wants to control all of us and keep the status quo. And we are all to blame for letting this happen right in front of our eyes.

If I sound angry, you’re damn right I’m angry! Why aren’t you angry as well? And the next person who asks me why I refuse to vote for Hillary in November, I am ignoring your question. I have already explained myself more than enough times. If you didn’t get it, you never will. But I won’t be a part of this “shitstem.”

I won’t vote for someone who takes money from the very people that fucked all of us over in 2008. That’s just sick and twisted.

Wake up and realize both parties are corrupt and do not give a shit about you and I. There are obvious exceptions, of course, but overall the Democrats have liberals fooled into thinking they are better than the Republicans, but it’s mostly just smoke and mirrors.

You can vote for whoever you want, but I will never vote for someone I don’t believe in nor trust. And neither should you. That is why we are in the mess we are in.