Roll Call #10

March 1, 2011…

Recent heroes of ours:

The courageous people of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt who have fought to overturn brutal regimes. Our thoughts and prayers are with you — especially the people of Libya who are currently in a bloody, fierce battle to oust the current regime.

Union workers in Wisconsin, Ohio and around the United States who are peacefully protesting Republican efforts to completely destroy workers’ rights for collective bargaining.

People who we would like to see disappear:

Moammar Gadhafi, who has clearly shown that he no longer deserves to be in a position of power (not that he ever has), due to his brutal crackdown on the peaceful protesters of Libya. We would like to see him either dead, or brought to trial for the gross human rights violations he has continuously displayed in his 41 years of brutal dictatorship. He is a desperate, deranged lunatic who will stop at nothing to keep his power.

Charlie Sheen, who is clearly in the middle of some kind of bipolar, psychotic break and/or has fried his brain too many times with coke and booze. His constant egotistical, nonsensical ramblings in the press lately have clearly shown a man who is not playing with a full deck. He believes himself to be nearly invincible — a sure sign of bipolar disorder and/or a superhuman ego. He needs to either seek psychological help and/or completely shut up and disappear once and for all. We have had enough of his arrogant, megolomaniacal ranting.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who clearly thinks that it is okay to crush union workers and collective bargaining rights with the “excuse” that he is merely trying to balance the budget. He has come across very arrogant and clearly will push his agenda through at all costs. Republican governors of other states are now trying to do the same.