Screed #33

August 21, 2010…


So as the last combat brigade leaves Iraq, does this mean the war has now officially (or even unofficially) “ended” after 7 1/2 long years?? And what exactly did hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost (including 4,400 US troops), not to mention losing respect amongst our allies around the world, really accomplish?? Besides getting rid of Hussein, this whole Bush-created debacle seemed to be just a complete and utter disaster that should have never happened, just like with Vietnam. And can we even, legitimately, claim “victory?” Besides, how can anything be a victory when it comes at such a steep human cost? 

In other news, our favorite ex-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, surpisingly (or is it really?) supported disgraced radio show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, by way of Twitter, telling her “don’t retreat…reload!” following Dr. Laura’s retirement from her hugely-rated show. Recently Dr. Laura used the airwaves to utter the N-word 11 times in 5 minutes for no apparently good reason, then retired amidst the media firestorm that naturally ensued. If we’re not mistaken, she’s also recently made sarcastic references to First Lady Michelle Obama, calling her “Queen Michelle.” It would appear to us that Dr. Laura is obviously no lover of black people. She’s a complete fool and Sarah Palin showed her own ignorance, yet again, not to mention her own “love” for black people, by sticking up for this fellow wackjob. The two of them should get together, put on their white robes and go burn a cross somewhere. Better yet, why don’t these two simpletons just shut the hell up and go away once and for all?

Speaking of morons, what is it with the growing number of people in this country (18% polled, in fact) who are convinced that President Obama is a Muslim? How many times does the man have to come out and say he is NOT a Muslim, but in fact a Christian? Apparently it is over his remarks about whether a Muslim mosque should be built near Ground Zero or not. Despite agreeing with President Obama that this country always has and always should allow freedom of religion, whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism or the Islamic faith (even ridiculous “religions” such as Scientology and Mormonism), we do think it would be extremely insensitive to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 to build that mosque so close to Ground Zero, so we disagree with Obama on that matter. Regardless, that has nothing to do with whether he is, indeed, a Muslim — the answer is he’s NOT. We imagine, though, that the yahoos who believe that nonsense are the same ones who are convinced that he’s not a natural-born citizen, that’s he a Socialist (do the people who claim this even know what Socialism is??), and that he’s a supporter of terrorists. They are probably also convinced that we “won” the war in Iraq. And we would further guess that they are supporters of Ms. Palin and listen to Dr. Laura while they are hanging out with all of their dozens of black friends.