Nobody Owes You a Vote

Written Sept. 24, 2016…

It infuriates me how Hillary Clinton and her supporters are pissed at, and trying to shame and bully, millennials for not supporting her. As if they owe her a vote. Millennials are only the latest group to be shamed and bullied for their refusal to line up behind Clinton.  “Bernie or Bust” voters have also been shamed, as well as Jill Stein supporters. Why don’t they go after the millions of Americans who won’t vote at all in this election, if they want to be mad at someone?

What do people not get that nobody has to vote for anyone they don’t want to vote for? You can’t make them like you. You can’t make them vote for you. Even if you think they hate you for invalid reasons, the fact remains – they have a right to hate you if they choose. Just like we can’t force someone to fall in love with us, no matter how much we might hope. I can’t make anyone like me or trust me if they don’t. People can hate me for this article if they want, and that is their right. If they respond to this and tell me I am completely wrong, that is also their prerogative.

I wish millions of liberals had voted for Bernie instead of Hillary. But if they chose not to, then that was their right. I wish every single Bernie supporter would now vote for Jill Stein, as I think she would have just as much chance of winning as if Bernie would have had. But again, I can’t force anyone to vote for her. And to say that you must vote for one candidate, so that the other candidate doesn’t win, is a ridiculous argument to make. Who are you to tell me that I must vote for someone I don’t want, like, or trust, just because their opponent may or may not be worse? I’m sure some people will miss the point of this article completely and comment, “If Trump wins, let it be on your head.” So be it.

If millions of people hate you, it can’t all be just some huge misunderstanding. When more than half the country doesn’t trust Clinton, there’s a good reason. You know that old saying, “Where there’s smoke… there’s fire.” It can’t just be blamed on a “vast right wing conspiracy.” Especially when you see Republican after Republican lining up to support her now. Don’t think for a second that it’s only because they simply don’t want Trump. They are lining up behind her because her war hawk views are perfectly in line with their own.

I love how, when you say you are going to vote your conscience, people actually get mad at that… and accuse you of being the “selfish” one because it’s gonna be your fault if Trump wins. They tell you that you have to put away your convictions and beliefs, and get in line behind Clinton, and that if you don’t, you are voting out of “white privilege” and/or “heterosexual privilege.” First off, not only do I not have to put my convictions aside, but I refuse to do so. I am not going to sacrifice my lifelong principles just to make sure Trump doesn’t become President. Secondly, there are more and more people of color and/or homosexual persuasion who are turning away from Clinton everyday, so to hell with your shaming tactics. Most minorities have long realized that the Clintons not only were not on their side, but they did irreparable damage to them with their racist and anti-gay policies. She will most certainly return to supporting the horrendous TPP (which Trump strongly opposes), and she is already ramping up the anti-Russia, pro-war rhetoric that may very well lead to another Cold War and possibly World War III. But I’m supposed to be so much more terrified of a racist, cartoon villain buffoon like Trump, who almost has no chance of actually winning anyhow, because of the fact that the corporate powers that actually run this country want Clinton to win. And they will make sure she wins – at any cost.

I vote my conscience. Always have, always will. If everybody did, we wouldn’t get stuck in these horrible situations where we are being told to constantly vote the “lesser of 2 evils.” The lesser of 2 evils is no better than the greater of 2 evils. Evil is evil. Period.

To hell with the lesser evil, many of us will be voting the greater good. And if Clinton supporters and anti-Trump supporters don’t like that, then that is their problem, not ours.


This Is Not a Protest

Written Sept. 19, 2016…

When I hear Hillary Clinton supporters, or even worse, Bernie Sanders himself, saying that voting for Dr. Jill Stein is simply a “protest vote,” that will only “help Donald Trump win,” that really offends me by the sheer arrogance of someone thinking they have the right to tell you who you should or should not be voting for. I have never once voted for someone out of protest, and I’m not about to start. I don’t owe Hillary Clinton my vote, and she has done nothing to deserve receiving it. Her lies, her cheating, her endless scandals and her corruptness are the reasons why.

Saying that I am only voting for Stein out of “protest,” is to suggest that I don’t really want her as my President, but I’m just voting for her to “stick it” to the Democrats. They also make it sound like, deep down, I actually want Hillary as my President, but I’m simply not voting for her out of spite that she is the nominee, instead of Bernie. Listen, if I wanted Hillary as my President, I would vote for her. If I didn’t really want Stein as my President, I would not vote for her. It’s as simple as that. It’s the same reason why I voted for Bernie in the primary – because he was the candidate I wanted to lead our country.

And when I hear people say that this election is too important to throw away my vote, I totally agree. That’s why I am voting for the only candidate I can trust, as well as believe in. I don’t vote for someone based on their “win-ability” factor. I vote for them because I feel they are the best candidate. It’s just like that saying, “I don’t fight fascism because I think I can beat fascism. I fight fascism because it’s fascism.” A lifelong New York Jets fan would not root for the New England Patriots just because they have a better chance at winning – so why would I vote for someone I don’t agree with, trust nor like, simply because they have a better chance of winning than the candidate I actually want? And does Trump being a horrible candidate somehow make Clinton seem “less horrible?” No, he does not.

I have always deeply believed that voting for someone you don’t want, in order to beat someone else you don’t want, is the definition of a throwing away a vote. You will walk away not feeling good about your choice, and you will almost certainly regret voting for that person. And whether the other candidate would have been even worse is really irrelevant. Evil is an absolute. There is no “lesser” in the equation. A bad choice is still bad, regardless of whether the other choice is even worse. All you do, by voting for that “lesser” choice, is guarantee that the bar will keep being lowered in each election.

I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein – not based on what her chances are of winning, but because I agree with her agenda, I trust her, and I feel she is exactly what this country needs. Instead of the “lesser evil,” I choose to go with the “greater good.” She is the closest to Bernie, as far as agenda, and she is even more progressive than he is. Would it have been better if he had run with her? Of course, but he chose to side with a corporate establishment shill like Hillary – which makes me wonder if he is more of an “establishment” politician than he likes to claim?

Anyhow, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton because I feel she is everything that is wrong with this country. And whether Donald Trump is worse than her or not is completely irrelevant to me. I detest both of them equally, so therefore, if my voting for Stein inadvertently “helps” Trump, then so be it. It’s certainly not my intention to help him in any way, but I’m not going to vote for Clinton just to keep him out of the White House, as I feel that she is an even greater threat to America.

You can label my vote whatever you want, but I consider it the only viable choice, based on my convictions and beliefs. I will be able to live with myself when I walk out of that voting booth. Will you be able to say the same?