Hall of Shame (Roll Call #11)

February 3, 2012…


Recent Hall of Shame:  

Rep. Congressman Cliff Stearns for his personal vendetta against Planned Parenthood, launching a ridiculous investigation into an organization that spends 97% of its funding on breast cancer screenings and other preventative health measures. He should be deeply ashamed of his actions.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation for using that investigation as an excuse to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. That is even more shameful and, despite what they say is the reason (they claim it has nothing to do with the investigation), completely reeks of partisan politics. They thought the American people would buy their phony reasoning, but it backfired and now they are in a shitstorm of controversy, causing some of its members to resign in disgust. The whole country is up in arms now and rightfully so. 

Republican nominee and multimillionaire Mitt Romney, for actually saying the other day that he isn’t “concerned about the very poor in this country.” Well, why should he be? He’s probably never even come in contact with a poor person — why should he have any concern for them? And his line about being most concerned about the middle class is a bunch of bullshit, if you ask us. The only citizens he would help as President are rich people like himself. This man will say anything to get elected.  

Birther queen Orly Taitz, the wackjob attorney and crusader for “justice”, for continuing her idiotic witchhunt against President Barack Obama over whether he is legally a citizen or not. She actually filed a lawsuit against him in Georgia to try to keep his name off the presidential ballot in November. This woman, who was not even born in the United States, is seriously a demented and troubled woman, as are all the idiots out there (Donald Trump anyone?) who still believe, like her, that Obama’s birth certificate was somehow forged. We guarantee that if Obama was not black and had a more “American” sounding name, there would have never been any controversy about his birth place. It’s nothing more than a racial witch hunt.