Exit, Stage Left

Written Aug. 13, 2017…

Millions of progressives have made it known loud and clear that we are no longer happy with the tone-deaf Democratic Party, the neoliberal establishment or status quo politics, in general. In fact, we are enraged, and with very good reason. Millions of us are getting screwed over, and things are getting worse, not better, for people of color. Democrats are doing nothing to address any of this. They just offer empty, worthless platitudes that sound nice but mean nothing.

How does the Democratic establishment respond to our complaints? By smearing anyone who won’t vote for their identity-politic corrupt, warmongering corporate choices, and telling us we are just a bunch of whiners and freeloaders that need to shut up and fall in line – just like we have always done.

In other words, they have given us a huge middle finger and let us know that they don’t give a damn about our concerns. They… just… don’t… care. Well, except for when we don’t vote for them. Then they suddenly seem to notice us. Of course, it’s only to heap more derision on us. It’s all about shaming and blaming everyone else for their own pathetic failures. It is the main reason why 15 million people have exited this party. I predict millions more will eventually leave. The party has learned absolutely nothing from any of this. The only thing they can do is double-down on their ridiculous Russian hacking claims that have never been proven with any tangible evidence.

The Democrats have become far more dangerous than the Republicans, for the simple reason that as long as they keep people on the Left enslaved to them, through intimidation, fear, manipulation and false promises, and they offer no real opposition to Republicans, then Americans have nobody that will protect them from the horrendous, destructive policies of the Republicans. They have become one and the same corrupt evil party. And when progressives keep getting shamed and ignored by the Democrats, so the party can court disgruntled conservative voters instead, we are left with no other choice but to fight their corrupt, useless party even harder than the Republicans that they tell us we need protection from.


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