“Feeling Burned”

Written Aug. 7, 2016…

I realize that threats were more than likely made against him, and perhaps there is no way to defeat such a powerful and corrupt candidate (and an entire corrupt party), but it still does not sit well with me that Bernie Sanders just abruptly seemed to give up and give in.

You can make all the excuses you want for him, but this was not just about him, it was about all of us. Millions of people, who gave their time, their heart, their soul and money they didn’t have, in order to get him elected, and he allowed Hillary Clinton and the DNC to blatantly steal it out from under him… and us.

Bernie is a great man in many ways, and I will always be grateful for what did to bring progressive ideas out into the light, and wake millions of us up. But he called for a “political revolution” and to see him now, not only endorsing her, but agreeing to campaign with her, as well as writing op-ed pieces urging all of us to vote for her, just because he feels Donald Trump is too much of a threat… that really is just very sad and pathetic. I would have expected much more from him, then to just be doing the same thing many others have done for decades: fear-mongering liberals into voting for candidates they don’t want, and who do not govern for the people, simply because the Republican candidate is too scary. We hear this election is just “too important” to allow Trump to become President. First off, we hear that in every election. Secondly, I think Clinton is even scarier than Trump. He just says scary words, she does scary deeds. She will sell us all down the river, and Bernie is sadly trying to lead us all down that horrible path.

He said months ago not to listen to him if he ever told us who to vote for. Well, it’s sad to see that some people will follow him, even though they despise Clinton. Bernie could have shown himself to be a true American hero by calling out the election fraud, and by not endorsing someone who cheated against him. I don’t care what pledge he made earlier in the race. Election fraud should never be rewarded with an endorsement. It means he is now complicit in this.

I don’t think he is acting out of any malicious intent, and maybe he truly thinks he is doing the right thing, but I strongly disagree with his decision. He has legitimized a candidate that did nothing to deserve it. He legitimized a party that showed itself to be deliberately conspiring against him. He keeps wanting to change the entire system. But how the hell can we do that, Mr. Sanders, if you are not willing to stand up against that very system? If they keep rigging every election, and nobody calls it out, then they control who gets elected and who doesn’t. Bernie never once called out the fact that we are using voting machines that have been banned all over Europe for being easy to hack and manipulate. We have overwhelming evidence that there was deliberate cheating and rigging and voter suppression. If Bernie wanted to lead a true political revolution, than he absolutely needed to stand up against these matters. Especially when reports show that he actually would have won this election by a landslide. It looks like Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party will be the one to carry on the true revolution, as there can be no real change if it’s coming from a Democratic Party that does not act in good faith, and actively conspires against its own constituents.

I’m sorry if any Bernie supporter gets upset with me for saying this, and I certainly take no pleasure in saying it, but Bernie severely let us down. He let America down. And even if the DNC and the media destroyed him for calling out these matters, he damn well should have shown the bravery to do so regardless. Bad things happen when good people stay quiet. And Bernie has remained quiet. That’s the biggest tragedy of this entire election.


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