A Kinder, Gentler Newtie (Screed #42)

November 23, 2011…


Just when you thought that Newt Gingrich didn’t care about the “little people”, he shows what a big softie he truly is by saying at last night’s latest Republican freak show (ie: debate) that we shouldn’t throw out illegal immigrants if they’ve been here for many years and have families and roots in the community.
Naturally, the other Repugnicans jumped on that like a hungry dog on a bone, saying that Newt wants to give “amnesty” to every single illegal immigrant in America.   
There is one thing conservatives can’t stand and that is human compassion. Blind, ignorant, demonic hatred is what they thrive on. That’s their meat. They chew on evil for breakfast.   
Of course, we don’t really believe that Newt actually cares about immigration. He just wants to keep cheap illegal help available to clean his house and wax his cars. He probably wants to bang the Mexican cleaning lady as well. Oh wait, we forgot — he’s now a “devout” Catholic. 

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