Osama bin Laden and the Armchair Critics (Screed #41)

May 7, 2011…


We have to say that we are inflamed at the mounting criticisms that are being made in Europe, Pakistan and by armchair critics like Michael Moore that we didn’t handle the capture of Osama bin Laden fairly or legally. They believe we should have taken him alive and put him on trial. Why? So that he could make a mockery of our judicial system and gloat in front of the cameras and incite more mindless recruits to join his diabolical cause? So that we can waste millions of tax dollars to come to the conclusion that we already know? Either we put him to death now or we do it later. The man was clearly guilty and he even admitted it himself.  He also said many times that he would never be taken alive. What about if he had had a bomb strapped to him? The mission was risky and dangerous enough — should they have taken even more risks in capturing him? Everyone is playing Monday morning quarterback now.    

We believe that everyone has rights, but when you have caused the death of thousands of innocent people, and ruined the lives of all their families and friends, and made the world a much less safer place, not to mention inciting your followers to commit cold-blooded murder, then the hell with your rights. He changed the entire world forever, and not for the better. As we said here the other day — good riddance to that piece of garbage! He deserves nobody’s sympathy. He’s certainly not getting ours. We treated him with far more respect then he and his followers ever treated any one of us.   

Bin Laden caused nothing but pain, misery and suffering in his life and for ten years America lived with this open, festering wound. May his justified death bring closure to all the people who lost loved ones because of what he wrought.  

We also want to say that we don’t believe Pakistan for one second in their claims that they had no idea he was in their country.  He was living there, supposedly, since 2006 and they never realized it? That’s complete and utter bullshit and they know it. And if they are not lying, then it just shows how incompetent they are. They are clearly not to be trusted, and have no business telling us how we should have handled this matter. This was personal and we handled it in a personal way. We vowed many years ago to capture him dead or alive, and that’s just what we finally did. His death was long overdue but in the end he got what was coming to him.

We should not have to apologize to anyone for that.


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