Jason Garrett’s Plight (Screed #36)

November 9, 2010…

Okay, so unsurprisingly, assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was chosen as the interim (possibly long term?) head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. He takes over a dreadful 1-7 team from his predecessor Wade Phillips. But will anything change? Not likely. No offense (pardon the pun) to Garrett but he certainly doesn’t inspire much confidence, along with QB Tony Romo’s prolonged absence, that anything will get better anytime soon. To think the Cowboys will end up with a record any better than 3-13, based on how badly they have been playing this season, is to hope for a small miracle. Garrett’s offense scored only 7 points Sunday night against Green Bay. Phillips’ defense gave up 45 points. Both failed miserably. This is a team that plays like they don’t give a damn. And that is simply unacceptable for America’s Team, especially with the talent that is on this club. Mistakes are made with alarming frequency – and dumb mistakes, at that. There’s been no consistency with the coaching, either offensively or defensively. So why will that all of a sudden change now that Phillips is out and Garrett is in? Don’t believe for a second that it will. Garrett has been an integral part of the ongoing problem.

Still, we feel sorry for Garrett. He will be hamstrung in his coaching decisions by the same meddlesome owner/general manager that his last six predecessors had to endure – the always colorful, spotlight-craving Jerry Jones. And if Mr. Jones thinks that simply changing head coaches is going to right this sinking ship, he is clearly mistaken – as he usually is. He spends a lot of money, gets good talent, clearly wants to win – but he always seems to go about it the wrong way. He doesn’t produce winning teams – at least not since the mid-1990s. He just puts together teams with lots of talent but too much drama and diva-like behavior.

One playoff win in 14 years is simply unacceptable for this billion-dollar, consistently underachieving franchise. And that win finally came last year, after more than a dozen wasted years. Then came 2010 and the wheels finally fell off the cart. And it will continue to stay that way until Jones realizes he needs to hire a real general manager and stay the hell out of the locker room. He needs to hire a head coach like Bill Cowher and let him do his job!

In the meantime, poor Jason Garrett will just be another casualty in the ego-driven universe of Jerry Jones. It’s Jones’ toilet – everyone else just swims around in it. Let’s hope Garrett can, at least, win a few games before being flushed down the proverbial hole.


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