The End of Wade Phillips (Screed #35)

November 8, 2010…

We cannot even begin to tell you how embarrassed and disgusted we are at the 2010 season for our beloved Dallas Cowboys. Considering the fact that they were one of the teams chosen to go to the Super Bowl this year, coming off a fifth straight loss last night (a 45-7 shellacking at the hands of the Green Bay Packers), this has got to be the most disappointing season in Cowboys history. It will certainly end up in the top 3 worst seasons ever. We don’t see any end in sight to this losing streak. Next week they face the surging New York Giants, which could very well be another horrible outing for the weak and ravaged Cowboys. This is a team in complete free fall.

They continue to make mistakes that should only be made by high school teams. They are giving up points as fast their opposing teams can score them, and without Tony Romo at the helm, they are done for the season.

Head Coach Wade Phillips was officially fired today, and even though we liked him and don’t feel he is solely to blame for this mess, it was a certainly inevitable and much-needed move. He just seems to have lost all control and respect from his players. They are playing more and more like a team that simply does not care. There is absolutely no fire from any one of their players. They definitely gave up on their coach. 

Phillips, who got Dallas its first playoff win since 1996 last year, is a nice guy who simply does not have the temperament to crack heads and demand respect the way his predecessor Bill Parcells had. Defense, which is Phillips’ specialty, seems to have all but vanished. He clearly had to know his time was finally up.  

We feel, though, that the real reason why Dallas is so horrendous this year is squarely the fault of egomaniacal owner Jerry Jones. His constant meddling and micromanaging, and obvious desire to only surround himself with coaches who will not stand up to him, is the reason why he lost brilliant coaches like Parcells and Jimmy Johnson in the past. His constant poor choices in the draft, as well as trading for troublesome, arrogant players that refuse to play as part of a team, are also factors that have contributed to Dallas’ woes.

We guarantee that Dallas will never return to their Super Bowl glory days as long as Jones remains owner – not unless he finally realizes, like George Steinbrenner did with Joe Torre, that you have to hire the right man for the job, and then allow him to do that job, which is what Jones allowed Johnson to do for a few years. Then, apparently, Jones felt he was the real reason why Dallas was so successful, and started interfering much too often. Until Jones realizes that he is a know-nothing, who needs to hire a real general manager, it will be one disappointing season after another for Dallas fans – with this season being the worst of them all.              

To Wade Phillips, we thank him for what he tried to accomplish with Dallas, and wish him the best of luck in the future. It’s a shame his stint in Dallas started so well and ended so badly.


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