The Saga of Jammie Thomas-Rasset (Screed #34)

November 4, 2010…

As we reported in previous screeds (#’s 11 and 14) from 2009, the RIAA has been going after individuals for illegal file sharing on the internet. Millions of people are guilty of this crime all across the globe, but for some reason the RIAA has seemingly targeted only a few chosen people to unleash their satanic wrath upon – usually hardworking, poor people, who have, in our eyes (and in the eyes of any sane, rational person), committed nothing more than a minor infraction. To purchase a song on Amazon, Napster, iTunes, or any of the other legitimate MP3 sites, it usually should cost you no more than 99 cents per song. Sometimes it might be as much as $1.29. Therefore, to purchase 24 songs, it should cost the average person somewhere between $23.76 and $30.96.  

The RIAA, due to their unbridled greed and desperate nature, have tried going after people for an amount that would average about $60,000-$80,000 per infraction. Yes, you read that correctly! They want to rape people for tens of thousands of dollars for simply “stealing” a song that would have cost them no more than $1.29, if they had purchased it legally. It’s mind-boggling and ridiculous, to say the least.

That brings us to the unending trial(s) of Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who was charged with illegally sharing 24 songs on her computer. Her first trial, in 2007, reached a verdict of $222,000 for her crimes. It was tossed out of court due to faulty jury instructions. Then, in her second trial, the jury decided to charge her with $1.92 million! District Court Judge Michael J. Davis threw that amount out, feeling it was “monstrous,” and lowered the amount she would have to pay to a total of $54,000 (which is still too much, if you ask us). Ms. Thomas-Rasset, as well as the RIAA, both rejected that amount. Now, she’s just had a third trial for this taxpayer-wasting nonsense, and the jury, once again, has penalized her $1.5 million. The judge simply shook his head and walked out of court disgustedly.

We find it absolutely incredible that these juries keep falling for this garbage. The RIAA has obviously brainwashed people into thinking that this is an extremely serious crime, for which people should have their lives ruined over. “Either pay one dollar for these songs or we will come after you for a sum of between $60 and 70 thousand – for each song!         

Yes, we realize that by “stealing” music, you are taking money that should belong to the artist and recording industry, but, first off, will the artists ever see any of this money, and secondly, how is the amount that the RIAA is dreaming up, and ignorant juries are blindly going along with, based in any kind of reality or justice?  .     

As we have stated before, the RIAA is entering its death throes, and is merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They are getting more and more desperate to hold onto their shrinking profits any way they can. Thankfully, Jammie Thomas-Rasset and a few others are brave enough to keep fighting back against Goliath. The Federation validates this mother of four, who refuses to give up, and is praying she is victorious in her plight. If she loses, it will ultimately set a dangerous legal precedent that the RIAA can use to start bullying anyone they choose, at whatever amount they feel is “appropriate.” We must not let that happen.


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