BP = Bad Pollution (Screed #31)

May 31, 2010…


We’ve never seen such a display of utter incompetence in handling a problem of gigantically epic proportions as the way BP has handled the Gulf oil spill. Millions of thousands of gallons of oil have spilled out, so far, and they don’t seem to have the slightest clue how to stop it. It’s like they are at the point where they’re just like, “Uhhh….anybody got any suggestions out there? Cuz we don’t know what the fuck we are doing. We ain’t got the slightest clue.” They have tried so-called “junk shots” and “top kills” and combinations of the two. They have also considered grommets and “top hats.” At one point actor Kevin Costner supposedly had a solution. Really? Is that what it’s come to? Hollywood actors are now being employed to stop the worst oil spill in the history of mankind? Well, he certainly can’t do any worse than BP’s so-called “experts.” It is completely mind-boggling how something like this can happen and that they don’t appear to have any solutions to fix it. Then again, is it really so strange? Just par for the course in these wonderful times we live in.

All the fishermen are shit out of luck, as they watch their livelihoods go down the drain, and everything under water is washing up dead as the environment takes one step closer to total ruination. Hey, we’re heading there anyhow, might as well speed up the process that much quicker, right?

BP Managing Director Robert Dudley described on a morning talk show that they don’t want to do anything that will make the situation worse. Ha! A little too late for that, isn’t Bob?

The company plans to resume trying to fix this disaster in 3 to 6 days. 3 to 6 days?? Is it vacation time over there? Are they too busy creating havoc in other parts of the world to be bothered? BP needs to be boycotted. They are obviously run by incompetence and greed. Basically like every other major corporation these days, as well as our government.

And so the world keeps on turning…


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