Screed #30

April 30, 2010…


We, here at The Federation, have been wallowing in a deep and lingering malaise as of late, which is the reason why we’ve been so quiet the past few months. It’s basically because of everything we see around us. This country just seems to be in a permanent decline. Our government can’t seem to get anything done. We are tired of the constant bickering amongst Republicans and Democrats. They both just seem to be interested in their own personal interests, and don’t care about fixing the problems we have in this country.

Wall Street still seems to be ripping us off just as much as they were before the whole bailout fiasco. The special interest groups seem to get more and more power with each passing day, to influence laws and elections — including companies in foreign countries. We were sickened to see the Supreme Court grant them more power a few months ago. It definitely makes us think that all these Supreme Court judges are bought and paid for, just like the politicians. Everyone seems to be on the take these days. Perhaps we should be too.

Then you have the Tea Party nutjobs who are getting more and more popular, thanks to everyone being fed up with our federal government. We are too, but we certainly don’t think Sarah Palin and the teabaggers are the answer. Don’t these morons even realize what the term “teabagging” means?

We have to admit that we haven’t even been following the news lately. It just all seems like white noise and static these days. Every day you turn on the news and hear about another politician who was caught, literally, with his pants down.

So far, 2010 seems to be just like 2009 which was just like 2008 which was just like 2007, and so on. After awhile, it all seems to be a big joke. The only problem is, this joke is on all of us.


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