The Revenge of Brett Favre (Validation #2)

December 8, 2009…

We come here to praise Brett Favre – not bury him.

The Federation would like to (somewhat) apologize for the comments we made months ago about the man. We called him “a pathetic, attention-seeking joke” in his constant decisions to retire and un-retire in recent years, and the underhanded, deceitful way he seems to have gone about the whole mess.

But you know what? He has proven this season, if any more proof was needed, that he is simply one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. In his most-recent stint with the Minnesota Vikings, he is having one of his best seasons ever. After 12 games, he has led the team to a 10-2 record (10-1 up until the other day), he has the highest completion percentage of his career (69.0%), has thrown 26 TD passes and only 5 interceptions, which considering the fact that he has always thrown a lot of interceptions in his career, is far below his average (as of 2008) of 17 per season (his worst season being 2005 when he threw 29). It shows that he is becoming a much smarter passer in his older years and not making as many risky throws. It proves the old saying, “with age comes wisdom.”

He is leading his team to victory week in and week out (this past weekend notwithstanding) and has clearly shown that he still has excellent leadership abilities and a strong competitive nature. He beat the Green Bay Packers twice and proved to them that they never should have allowed him to get away (not to take anything away from the talented Aaron Rodgers). He was simply dominant in both games. It may have been purely revenge that drove him during those games, but whatever it was, it worked.

On November 22, he even had perhaps his best game ever. Against the Seattle Seahawks, he threw 4 TD passes and completed 22 of 25 passes for a single-game, career-high 88% completion rate, en route to a Viking blowout victory of 35-9. It was truly breathtaking to watch a QB, that some (perhaps us included) thought was over the hill.

If he can take the Vikings all the way, or even deep into the playoffs, then we really will have nothing bad to say about him anymore. He is a world-class athlete, pure and simple. And who are we to argue?

He still may be a bit narcisstic at times but he has shown that any team would strongly benefit having him on their roster. Whether he retires, yet again, at the end of the season or not, he has already proven that coming back was the right decision.

Looks like old Brett is having the last laugh. We say good for him.


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