A War with No End (Screed #26)

December 2, 2009…

And the war continues on, with absolutely no end in sight…

President Obama has decided to send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan, which will soon bring the total cost of this endless war to just over one trillion dollars. He said he plans to start removing troops in 18 months’ time. We’ll believe that when we see it.

This sounds like the same tired promises we have been hearing for years now. In every election the Democrats promise that they will bring an end to the fighting that has been going on in Afghanistan and Iraq for the better part of a decade now. Then once in office they begin to waver. And who is to say that something won’t happen during the next 18 months that will cause more reasons not to leave? Will there ever be a good time to finally pull out and admit victory or defeat? Is that even an option anymore?

The new Afghanistan strategy will end up costing $30 billion more than current spending. Obama’s proposal would place a total of 200,000 troops in both countries.

Thousands of young men and women killed so far and what have we truly gained? And possibly thousands more deaths to come.

This certainly doesn’t feel like “change,” does it?


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