Willie Horton Redux (Screed #25)

December 1, 2009

We are absolutely disgusted to find out that former Arkansas Republican governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee pardoned the man that slayed four police officers in Lakewood, WA on Sunday morning. And this is not the first time he pardoned a dangerous criminal who went on to commit more violent crimes.

Maurice Clemmons, who committed the cop slayings and who was killed in a further showdown with police this morning, was given a 108-year sentence in 1990 for several felonies (including armed robbery and threatening a judge), but Mr. Huckabee, in his brilliant wisdom, decided that, because Clemmons had supposedly found “religion” and because he had “only” been a teenager when he committed the crimes, he should be allowed to walk the streets again. Sure, why not? Since he was pardoned in 2000, Clemmons committed more robberies, assaulted two police officers, raped and held hostage two children, terrorized his family, declared himself Jesus Christ, and now, finally, killed four police officers, ambush-style, as they sat drinking coffee and working on their laptops inside a coffee shop.

Mr. Huckabee also publicly supported and privately urged the release of convicted rapist Wayne Dumond, who won parole in 1999. Dumond moved to Missouri where he commited another rape and murder.

Nice job Huckabee! You clearly have excellent judgement when it comes to releasing violently psychotic criminals, who are supposedly “cured.” He has also been known to go easy on people whose relatives or supporters helped him politically.

What is the point in wasting taxpayers’ money to have a trial if some idiotic, crooked politician is going to come along and reverse the decision the jury agrees on?

Huckabee, a religious wackjob who believes the Earth is only 5,000 years old, has naturally been trying to pass the buck and blame others for the release of Clemmons. Shame on him! These murders should have never taken place because Clemmons should have never been released from jail. Now Huckabee has the blood of several murdered people on his hands, not to mention several people, including innocent children, being raped. His chances of running again for the presidency in 2012 have been hopefully laid to rest. This will prove to be his “Willie Horton.” And conservatives cannot blame this on some “bleeding-heart liberal” either.

We say good riddance to Maurice Clemmons – may he rot in hell. And good riddance to Mike Huckabee and his future political aspirations. He clearly has no business being in positions of power.


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  1. joseph devassy said,

    December 1, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    The Fed is right on with their appropriately blistering indictment of Mike effing Huckabee. If any positive can possibly be gleaned from this completely psychotic criminal atrocity in Seattle, it is that this Christian warrior creep Huckabee has essentially assured his complete non-participation in the forthcoming 2012 War for the White House. He can go back to postulating his absolutely absurd propaganda to all the other effing clueless fringe twits in our increasingly gullible and dumb republic, sparing the rest of us his hollow efforts to disguise his pathetic agenda in more populist/centrist rhetoric. Good riddance, Huckabee, you ain’t never gonna shake this colossal career-killing conundrum….

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