Screed #21

August 14, 2009…


Well, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick. We knew some team out there would be stupid enough to sign him. Apparently, they don’t care about the bad publicity this will bring, never mind sending out the message that it’s okay to brutally torture animals, as long as you can help us win a Super Bowl. If we were Eagles fans, we would be boycotting all of their games. We have heard from some Eagles fans, though, who have told us they are through following them. Good for them. As Cowboys fans, we would be doing the same thing.

As pet owners, we feel that what he did was reprehensible. Yes, everyone deserves second chances, and we hope that he is successful and happy throughout his life. But we simply feel that he should not be allowed to play again, and be allowed to make outrageous sums of money. And we think it’s an absolute disgrace that Andy Reid and the Eagles’ owners have shown us that all that matters to them is winning – apparently at ANY cost. Forget whatever kind of message you send out to kids. “As long as you say you’re sorry, kids, then that excuses whatever heinous crime you may have committed.”

Hey, at least he didn’t bet on games. There’s NO excuse for that!


We’ve been hearing how these “Wise Latina” T-shirts, that recently have been the rage among Hispanic women in the wake of Sonia Sotomeyer’s election to the Supreme Court, have been causing controversy. They are apparently “racist” – somehow implying (?) that white males are dumb. Perhaps we ARE dumb white males, but we honestly fail to see how a shirt proclaiming pride (by simply saying “Wise Latina” and nothing more) somehow implies that someone else is dumb.

Are we missing something here? Or have people really become way too sensitive in this country, and all this “politically correct” nonsense been taken to ridiculous extremes? Apparently, being proud of yourself or your race, sex, nationality (etc) is somehow offensive to others. It seems like all a bunch of nonsense to us.


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