Screed #20

July 28, 2009…


Well, convicted dog murderer Michael Vick has been released from jail and been reinstated by National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell. He is now free to be signed by any team brave enough and ignorant enough to want him playing for their team, despite the controversy that would be sure to follow that decision. We find it funny though that many people are complaining that Goodell, by suspending Vick for four games this year, is “unfairly” punishing him – stating that he served his jail time and therefore already paid his debt to society. First off, that was the law that punished him. Should the NFL not punish him too? What does one thing have to do with another? Secondly, we believe Vick, considering the horrendously heinous crimes he committed, should not be allowed back into the NFL at all. That’s right. As in ever. Maybe Vick is truly sorry for what he did and maybe he’s just sorry he got caught. And yes, everybody deserves a second chance in life and we certainly hope Vick goes on to have a long, happy, rewarding life, but why should he be allowed to play professional football again, when he was involved with something that was so completely despicable and cruel? And yet Pete Rose is still banned from baseball for betting on games? Is what he did worse than murdering animals? Apparently so, in the eyes of many sportswriters and fans. How ridiculous! 

Then many complain that Goodell is being “too harsh” on Vick, by also imposing many rules that Vick must adhere to. Hey, he’s lucky he’s even being given the chance to play again. Ignorant loudmouth Terrell Owens, of course, had to open his mouth and speak out on the issue, saying that Goodell should ease up on Vick. As we all know, T.O. never knows when to shut up. As Dallas Cowboys fans, we say, good riddance to T.O. and his arrogant antics and nonsense and constant whining. Let Buffalo deal with his endless bullshit now. 

Anyhow, we need to stop catering to all these prima donnas and thugs in the NFL who act like it is their RIGHT to play and make millions of dollars, and act as arrogantly as they want. Vick was given an extraordinary opportunity to play in the NFL and he screwed up beyond belief. Then, on top of it all, while on trial, he stupidly tested positive for marijuana. Now, we believe that marijuana should be legalized and don’t see any problem with it, but still, it clearly is not allowed in the NFL, and this just shows how little good judgement he showed. We can’t help but feel that anything that happened (or continues to happen) to him in the way of punishment is only what he deserves. We’re sure he’s nice person in many ways, but the man DID engage in dogfighting. And we feel there is absolutely no excuse for that. None. And we will have no respect for any team owner that ends up signing him. And if nobody signs him and his career is truly over, then he has nobody to blame but himself.


In other news, the great Sarah Palin, everybody’s favorite wackjob gun-toting, right wing MILF governor, is now finally gone – at least for the time being – amid a whirlpool of ethics probes, mounting bills and dwindling popularity. And of course, she couldn’t resist one last parting shot at the media, being the no-class, thin-skinned whiner that she is. Anyhow, goodbye Sarah, we hardly knew ye. Now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


P.S. Down with wheat!


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  1. joseph devassy said,

    August 1, 2009 at 2:15 am

    Roger Goodell is in a tough situation. He is charged with the unenviable task of policing what is, by and large, a loose collection of sociopaths, criminals, and misanthropes. But enough about the NFL team owners! Seriously, as much as Goodell would deny it, he is ultimately beholden to this creepy cabal of owners, who sign his exorbitant paychecks. Returning the athletically gifted mental patient known as Michael Vick to the league is clearly what the NFL owners want. It understandably generates valuable exposure and p.r. for the league, no matter how unsavory, in an American culture increasingly desensitized by the tsunami of entertainment options available. Who knows what Goodell would do with Vick if he was truly able to rule on this fiasco with his heart. We’ll never know. Goodell knows that his days would ultimately be numbered if he was to ban Vick and cross the owners. It’s all sadly pathetic…let’s never forget the poor dogs who suffered and died at the hands of Vick and his scum cronies.
    Re: Governor MILF, if only the Federation was right in trumpeting her departure from the cultural consciousness. Many Americans remain fascinated by her dumb ass and that will translate into myriad future projects sure to keep her creepy self ensconsed in the limelight. The Federation is right, cherish these few weeks/months without her smug mug in your face.
    And finally, most importantly….wheat effin’ rules!!!

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