The Continuing Saga of Sarah Palin (Screed #18)

July 13, 2009…


Well, it seems that the infamous soon-to-be ex-Governor Sarah Palin simply got too wrapped up in her celebrity status and lost sight of what it took to do her job, which is one of the reasons why she has cut and run as governor. According to reports, it seems that advice she was being given was going ignored, ethics complaints were mounting against her, legal bills were piling up, important calls were going unreturned, her family life had become a mess and she was engaging in too many fights against the tabloids and David Letterman to actually do what Alaskans were paying her to do. Plus, lawmakers who had once been on her side were turning against her.

“We had business to do,” said State Representative Nancy Dahlstrom, a Republican who had worked on Ms. Palin’s 2006 race for governor. “It’s not all about adoration.”

It sounds to us like everyone was finally getting fed up with Ms. Palin’s increasingly circus-like act, and her “MILF” appeal has reached its limit.

As we stated on this site recently, Palin seems to be far too thin-skinned to be a successful politician, and feuds with anyone who is critical of her or her family. She doesn’t seem to realize that that just comes with the territory. Instead of ignoring the criticism and jokes aimed at her, and concentrating on her job, she seemed to relish engaging in these endless verbal skirmishes.

She got distracted too easily and did not seem fully committed to the job, despite all her protestations to the contrary. Despite her advisors suggesting that she stick close to home and focus on a state agenda, Ms. Palin accepted an invitation to attend an anti-abortion dinner in Indiana in April, even though Alaska’s state budget was hanging in the balance in the Legislature. Lawmakers and Alaskans alike were clearly not happy with her decision. 

It seems to us that the Palin family was clearly not ready for the national spotlight and it’s more than obvious that Senator John McCain should have never picked Sarah as his running mate. It was an idiotic move on his part, and one of the main reasons he lost to Obama. Palin’s interviews with Katie Couric and others showed her to be a simpleton, with a total lack of experience, who clearly had no business running for the second highest office in the land. Thank God he lost. It seems obvious now that he wishes he had never picked her. 

We think she is too consumed with being famous, amid her potential book deals and reality shows, and seems to have an inflated sense of her own greatness.

In case you can’t already tell, we are delighted to see her go. We just hope she goes away permanently. And if this is the person the Republican Party was pinning their hopes on in 2012, then they certainly have hit rock bottom.


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