Kim Jong’s Ill (Screed #17)

July 13, 2009…


South Korean news reports state that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il now has life-threatening pancreatic cancer (after last year’s stroke). Kim, who took over the country from his father, Kim Il Sung, is expected to live no longer than five years. Considering that he looked gaunt and frail in recent pictures, let’s hope it’s much less than that.

We say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer maniacal dictator. Good riddance to him, once he’s gone! It can’t happen soon enough.

Who would take his place though, once he dies? His youngest son, Kim Jong Un, has been mentioned as a possible successor. The regime is expected to be unstable and vulnerable, and Kim Jong Il’s brother-in-law, Jang Song Thaek, could try to snatch away power from Kim Jong Un. Either way, we’re sure it will continue to cause problems for America in the years to come, and eventually lead to another war with North Korea.  

All we can say is: haven’t we had enough of this evil family already? It sickens us that people like that still exist in the world, and it seems that as soon as you get rid of one dictator, another takes their place.

This world will apparently never run out of evil monsters.


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