Screed #16

July 10, 2009…


So Bernie Madoff gets 150 years for his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Good. 1,000 years would not be enough for this greedy slimeball. He ruined probably thousands of lives and caused some people to commit suicide, since they were financially ruined because of his actions.

He has agreed to not appeal the case because, what would be the point? There is no way he is ever leaving jail alive, so even if he got his sentence reduced to as little as 25 years, for instance, he’d be in his mid-90s. Anyhow, may he rot in Hell.

What bothers us so much though is the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission was informed of Madoff’s massive fraud through five separate investigations during the past five years. Five investigations! Talk about either incompetence on the SEC’s part, or massive oversight, or worse, perhaps they deliberately looked the other way…? Now, Lori Richards, the head of the SEC, is resigning, stating that it has nothing to do with the Madoff case. Sounds like a crock of shit to us. We’re sure it has everything to do with Madoff, and that she has been forced into this resignation. And if she is that incompetent, then we say good riddance!

These are the kinds of things that have been going on in this country for too many years that have helped caused the mess we’re in. Between the banks, and Wall Street, and the auto industry, there has been too much ignorance and greed and short-sightedness, and we, the average taxpayers, are the ones that will suffer. For many years to come.

And so life goes on in the circus that has become the American way, circa 2009…


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