The Sad Case of Megan Meier (Screed #13)

July 7, 2009…

In yet another news story that has left us with a feeling of shock, anger and bewilderment, comes the infuriating decision of a federal judge to tentatively throw out the convictions of Missouri mom Lori Drew, who had been charged with fraud in connection with a fake MySpace page targeting her 13-year-old neighbor, Megan Taylor Meier. As we all know, Megan Meier later committed suicide on October 17, 2006, and the “boy” who harassed her, Josh Evans, never existed. It was a fake Myspace account that adult Lori Drew and her 13-year old daughter (and former friend of Megan’s), as well as an 18-year-old employee of Drew’s, created in order to harass and torment Megan. Eventually, Megan became so distraught over this “boy,” when “he” told her that everyone would be better off with her dead. Despite her parents intense monitoring of the situation, she hung herself.   

As Megan’s mother Tina has stated, what the judge in this case has done has sent out a dangerous message to potential sexual predators, ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, feuding teenagers, and anyone else who wants to cause harm or get revenge on someone else, by harassing them over the Internet. She is trying to do all that she can to see that federal laws be enacted to prevent this kind of harassment from being allowed to happen without any form of punishment to take place.

89% of the people polled in America found this judge’s decision to be totally wrong. We couldn’t agree more. And we find Lori Drew to be a despicable human being and a terrible role model to her daughter. What kind of sociopath would do something like this, and then show little-to-no remorse in the process? Especially since she was aware of Megan’s propensity for depression and low self-esteem. Absolutely appalling!

Our hearts go out to the family of Megan, who has been torn apart over this horrendous situation. The judge involved in this case, however, should hold his head in shame and embarrassment for throwing out a jury’s decision, and allowing a guilty woman to go completely free. Lori Drew, her daughter and anyone else who contributed to the harassment of Miss Meier, should be held accountable for causing a beautiful young girl to take her own life.


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