Intelligence Takes a Vacation (Screed #15)

July 7, 2009…


We realize that we, here at The Federation, are simply more intelligent and of course, more enlightened, than the average slob. In otherwords, we are simply a higher life form than those ignorant folks that make up what we like to call Tard Nation. But even realizing this point makes us shake our heads in disbelief at the utter stupidity that we encounter across the Internet on a daily basis. Not a day goes by that we don’t go on a news website and read the day’s events and then have to wade through page after page of idiotic, badly spelled, poorly thought-out comments that people insist on leaving. The type of people, for instance, who will still try to have us believe that President Obama is a Muslim and was not born in this country, or that he is a Communist, terrorist, or Socialist, not to mention all the racist comments that they leave. You wonder if some of them are feverishly typing away at their laptops, as they sit with hooded white sheets and an open jug of moonshine at their local Klan meeting. Then to top it all off, we, the reader, can’t even understand the comment because it was written, as if, by a first grader (incomplete sentences, words all spelled badly) and makes little-to-no sense.

Sometimes, we’ll see comments left that have nothing to do with the story being commented on. Or they criticize Obama for things that happened twenty years ago, or things that simply have nothing to do with him. Or they will quote facts that you just know they completely made up in order to support their idiotic argument. Of course, this is nothing new. We saw the same thing happen when Bush was President, and Clinton before him.

Some people will use a news story about a person who committed a crime, or a story on an entertainer or athlete, as an excuse to unleash bottled-up racist, sexist, xenophobic, and religious-bashing comments that simply are ludicrous and moronic. And as the Web grows larger every day, and more people go on there to leave comments, the more stupidity we run up against.       

It’s enough to sometimes make us want to smash our computer screens in anger. Instead though, we come on this site and simply state our own views. And pray that some misguided fool will wake up and realize that it is better to let us trained professionals do the thinking.   

And so the battle against Tard Nation marches onward…


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