The End of Sarah Palin? (Screed #12)

July 4, 2009…


We are shocked by this week’s announcement by Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin to abruptly step down from office at the end of the month. This just proves to us even more that she is totally unfit for public office, and is certainly unqualified to ever run for President. First off, she has way too thin of a skin. Yes, the media is intrusive and goes too far a lot of the time, but to be a successful president, she would have to develop a much thicker skin than she has so far shown. She seems to be constantly at battle with anyone who has the nerve to criticize her or her family, or make fun of them. Hey Sarah…stop whining and deal with it! That just comes with the territory, whether right or wrong.

One thing you can say about George W. Bush – he didn’t seem to let criticism get to him. Not sure if that was a good thing or not, considering the poor leadership he displayed most of the time, but he did show he isn’t easily swayed or wounded by verbal attacks. Ms. Palin, on the other hand, seems to let every criticism get to her.

Secondly, abruptly abandoning her office shows that she doesn’t have what it takes to ever lead our nation as President – not that we ever believed she had the intelligence or experience to do so anyhow (the woman came across like a know-nothing simpleton during her run for Vice President last year) – but if she thinks that stepping down will give her more time to run for President (if that is indeed her plan), we believe this decision will backfire on her. You can’t just quit like that. 

She claims she doesn’t want to be a lame-duck governor but we believe there is more to this story than she is admitting. Plus, what would happen if she was elected President and was in another lame-duck situation – quit then, as well?

Last week brought a highly critical piece in Vanity Fair magazine, with unnamed campaign aides questioning if Palin was really prepared for the presidency. Her term has also been riddled with scandals. We believe more will come out that will show her to be the corrupt, inexperienced, ignorant governor that we already know her to be. She is trying to come across like she is doing what is best for her state. We believe she is only doing what is best for HER. Or else getting out before any more scandals ruin her. Like we said, there is more to this story than we have so far seen.

Have we heard the last from Ms. Palin? We certainly hope so, but highly doubt it. Stay tuned…


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