Screed #6

May 20, 2009…


When did we all get to be so self-important and think that we need to document every waking second of our lives, as if we are all famous celebrities on TV? Why do we feel the need to endlessly discuss the mindless minutiae of our daily routine in such excruciating detail? Is it just so we can feel like we’re important enough to think other people really care about what we are doing, thinking and feeling every minute of the day? I blame it on the ridiculous “reality show” world that we all find ourselves living in in 2009. Everyone thinks their life is so exciting, when it really isn’t. 

Between Twitter, Myspace and Facebook, we feel this need to update our “status” every five minutes, to keep people constantly informed of our mundane, boring actions. “I am taking a shower”…”I am going outside”…..”I am raking the leaves”…”I am going to the store.” Who the hell cares? When you actually do something interesting and productive with your time, then tell me about it. Otherwise, keep quiet.

When you get right down to it, most of our lives are actually quite boring and routine. We get up, we shower, we go to work, we come home, we go to bed. Not exactly exciting stuff that we need to constantly share with the rest of the world.

Between that and cell phones, it’s like we can never have even two minutes to ourselves, where nobody can get in contact with us, nor can we contact them. We feel this need to be in touch with everyone in the universe every second of the day. Human contact is definitely a good thing, but we need to realize that spending some quiet time to ourselves is also important.

We need to turn off the constant chatter in our lives and just enjoy the silence every once in awhile.


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