Screed #4

Written April 5, 2009…


With all of the recent mass shootings that seem to be occurring every couple of days lately, we don’t know what the hell is going on with our society. We just seem to be taking out all of our problems and frustrations and rage on each other, instead of trying to help one another through these difficult times.

The fact that we are becoming numb to tragedy such as this (due to there being so many mass shootings, one after another), is one of the reasons why the tragedies seem to be happening with alarming frequency. There’s a definite malaise that has all of us in its grip. It’s like we’ve just become resigned to the fact that we are doomed as a nation, so we feel helpless to try to stop it. And so it continues to escalate. And everyone running around with guns certainly doesn’t help the problem. It just makes it worse.

Because of Obama getting elected, some people still cling tenuously to the idea of “hope” but one man can’t solve a nation’s overwhelming problems.  

We certainly don’t know what the answer is to all of this. But with the AIG fiasco and the botched government bailout (both of which completely infuriated us) and all these mass shootings, plus the fact that many of us are out of work (and have no idea if and when we’ll find a job again), 2009 is shaping up to be even worse than last year. And it promises to, unfortunately, get worse before it starts getting better. It’s like we are all just trying to blindly hold on, not knowing what’s going to happen next.

We certainly hate to sound like pessimistic doomsayers, but these are bleak times we live in. We all need to try to help each other though and not let this destroy us as a nation. We know that sounds trite but unfortunately, that’s all we can say at the moment. Let’s just pray that better days are ahead. It doesn’t look good though.


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