Screed #2

Written Jan. 29, 2009…


We were just reading the news and were overjoyed to see that Illinois Gov. Rod Blogojevich got impeached. What a narcissistic slimeball this guy is…a slithering slimy worm of a man. And with his constant (unbelievable) comparisons to Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, he is also completely out to lunch. Talk about having a super-inflated ego and sense of self-importance and entitlement. We believe he also compared his arrest last month to the attack on Pearl Harbor. If it wasn’t so infuriating and insulting, it would be completely laughable (about as laughable as that ridiculous hairstyle of his). But now, he is going down in flames. Good riddance.

We have had it with all these sleazeball politicians and greedy, arrogant CEOs who have been raping the American people for far too long, and helping to cause the staggering mess we are in today. People like Blogojevich and Bernie Madoff and all the rest of them. We’re tired of reading about how we HAD to bail out all of these troubled companies, and then they take that money & go right back to giving themselves fat bonuses, taking lavish trips, buying planes, etc. Obviously, they didn’t NEED that money after all, did they? And we, the people, get stuck paying for their messes and their unbridled greed. It’s time we took back our country from all these rich, greedy, lying, deceiving, scum-sucking douchebags. We have been heading in the completely wrong direction in this country for too many years. Let’s hope 2009 is the year where things start to change (at least a little bit) for the better. And luckily, we have a new leader now. Finally…


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