Scientology: A Cult of Lies and Greed (Screed #1)

Written July 19, 2008…

We, here at Eclairé A Pensé, are reading some articles about the Church of Scientology. Some stuff we already knew but never realized the extent to just how dangerous and crazy this “religion” (and we use that term VERY loosely) is.

Its leader and founder L. Run Hubbard was nothing but a self-absorbed, severely drug-addicted (despite what its members will say), wife & child-beating, racist, homophobic, scam artist (with visions of self-grandeur), who used people’s stupidity & gullibility in starting a “religion” & making a large fortune for himself in the process. He admitted himself to starting the movement as a way to become rich. He came up with a fictional backstory as well (his best-selling book Dianetics), to sell the religion. Its followers apparently take this “story” as TRUTH.   

He was nothing more than a wacko cult leader like Manson or David Koresh or Jim Jones and probably 100 times worse than them because he has millions of followers, not just tens or hundreds. The way to Heaven will NOT be through charlatans like Hubbard or Koresh.  

It amazes us how stupid all these Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are for believing in this ridiculous nonsense. When reading about Scientology, we find it completely unbelievable that anyone with half a brain would believe this nonsense. E-meters, thetans, auditing, going “clear”…it would be completely laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Scientology uses these celebrities to get them to donate large sums of cash to the church & to give them needed credibility. They build special “Celebrity Centres” that treat these Hollywood stars like royalty, while average Scientologists are treated far less kindly. It’s a huge racket. Not that people like Cruise or Travolta would ever see it that way.  Plus, from what we have read, if you have no money (ie: poor people), they have no use for you. It is very expensive to join their little world. Hence, you are not going to find many minorities, if any. Just to take one of their “personality” tests can run you as much as $500.00.   

Hubbard was right about one thing though: the real money is in starting your own religion. There are so many lost, delusional & easily manipulated and gullible people out there. It’s sad.

This cult has used torture, fraud, the legal system, infiltration, smear tactics, manipulation, censorship and brainwashing to keep people in line and attack ANYBODY who has even the slightest criticism of their organization. They have threatened companies like Google to not even place websites that speak out against them. They are highly litigious and have the money and lawyers to back them up. Again, this is all well-documented.

They are dangerous and evil. And anyone inside the organization looking to get out, it’s almost impossible. They are like the Mafia. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. Plus, you are encouraged to disassociate from any family members or friends who are not in support of Scientology. They have been known to brutally exploit their members. They want to keep them under their strict control. That is the very definition of a “cult” as we see it. 

They hide behind the term “religion” to keep the American government off their back. In countries like Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom though, they are not recognized as a religion but merely a commercial organization. We find it funny that Tom Cruise can go on TV and talk about psychiatry being nothing more than a “pseudoscience” when Scientology is nothing more than a “pseudo-religion.”   

We just think Hubbard is not that man. He just looked for a way to get rich quick and invented Scientology as the means.         

Frankly, we don’t give a damn what anyone believes. As long as you don’t try to force your beliefs down someone else’s throat. We don’t believe in any cult or religion that starts wars in the name of God, Allah, Mohammad, etc. or attacks anyone physically or mentally that criticizes their beliefs.

You have a right to believe in anything you want. And we have a right to criticize it if we want. At least in America we have that right. Scientologists don’t seem to believe in that though. We’re sure if we went on TV right now speaking out against them, a team of their lawyers would be suing us for defamation, or their members would be trying to dig up dirt on us to discredit us. We wouldn’t be surprised if they did much worse that that actually. They have in the past been accused of these very tactics. They call it “fair game” – attack all critics.   

Like we said, they are extremely dangerous and we feel sorry for those that get suckered into their world. For those thinking about joining, first check out a website called for more information.


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